Introduction To AWS Amplify


Amazon web services are one of the world's largest cloud computing companies in the world. AWS cloud is utilized by everyone from startup companies to large enterprise companies, they use different types of services, such as computing, network, storage, machine learning, IoT, Blockchain, and more. All services are low-cost compared to other cloud service providers.
In this article, I will explain Amazon amplify. It enables full-stack application deployment.
AWS Amplify

Amazon Amplify

Amazon amplify is the control center of full-stack mobile and web app development in Amazon web services. Amplify provides the two main services for application deployments, one is hosting and another one is Admin UI.
Hosting Features
  • Managed production and staging environment for your front end & backend by connecting new branches
  • Connect your application to a custom domain
  • Improve your app quality with end-to-end tests
  • Get screenshots of your apps rendered on different mobile devices to identify layout issues
Admin UI Features
  • Visual data modeling enables you to focus on your domain-specific objects instead of cloud infrastructure
  • Setup authentication for your app
  • Content management with markdown support
  • Manage users and groups for your apps
  • Powerful and easy understand authorizations
Development features
  1. Authentication
  2. Datastore
  3. API
  4. Functions
  5. Storage
  6. Analytics
  7. AI/ML Predictions
  8. Monitoring
  9. Push Notifications and more


In this article, we learned about AWS amplify and its features. 

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