Introduction To Azure DevOps

What is DevOps?

It is a union of people, processes, and products working together for the purpose of improving software delivery by means of continuous integration and continuous deployment. The word DevOps itself is the combination of development and operation team. 

What is Azure DevOps?

Azure DevOps was previously known as Visual Studio Team Service. The main use of Azure DevOps is to provide an end-to-end solution to an organization. It is highly scalable and reliable.
Above all are the basic explanations readily available. Just make sure you have gone through it for basic understanding. Now, let's start our process.
Step 1 - Create free Azure DevOps account 
Microsoft provides free Azure DevOps account for individuals and for open source projects. If you have a Microsoft account that ends with or, it is enough to create a new Azure DevOps account.
  1. Open Azure DevOps website in your browser (
  2. Click the Start button. Sign in using your Microsoft credentials.
  3. Click "Continue". Your Azure DevOps account should be created. 
Azure DevOps 
Step 2 - Create a new organization
  1. Once the Azure DevOps account is created, click the "Create new organization" button on the right pane. 
  2. Create the name of your organization and click "Continue". 
Azure DevOps
Step 3 - Create a new project
Once the organization is created, you will get a screen as given below in the screenshot. If you are a first time user, you will find the screen as "create a project" to get started. Create a new project, enter the name of your project, and set the visibility to private. If it is an open source project, then keep it as public. Click the "Create project" button and it will be created.
Azure DevOps 
Step 4- Overview of project
Once the project is created, click on it. You will get the screen as given below. In this, you can find the service available for your projects like repos, boards, pipelines, test plans, and artifacts.
Azure DevOps 
Azure repos is a file management service, where you find unlimited git repos with a pull request. It provides many functionalities like, you can clone it to your computer or push existing repository or import a repository. After importing repository, you will find .git ignore for removing temporary files.
Azure DevOps 
Azure boards are mainly used for planning and tracking the work across your team based on proven Agile tools. You can create new work items and to-do lists also here.
Azure DevOps 
Azure pipelines allow you to build, test and deploy irrespective of language, platform, and cloud services. You can connect with GitHub or any Git Provider.
Test Plans 
Azure test plans provide many testing tools for the purpose of testing. It is a centralized location where the team can do manual test activities and get critical insights. A basic user can create a test case and run the test on kanban boards.
Azure artifacts are used for creating and sharing packages with the team. It is easy to add artifacts to the pipeline by a simple click.


This is just an overview of Azure DevOps, in my next article will see some detailed concepts of CI/CD pipelines. Thank you folks!!