Introduction To Azure Logic Apps

In this article, we will explore about creating Azure Logic apps. Before getting started with Azure logic apps creation let’s take an overview of Azure Logic apps. The Azure Logic app is a service that is offered by cloud computing that is offered to users for scheduling the tasks on time and performing tasks with the help of it. Thanks to logic apps  we can design and build scalable solutions of integrating the application, system integration with enterprise integration. The logic apps are a full integration platform as a service (IPaaS) which will be much more helpful for the developers to feel free about building, hosting, and management.
So, with the help of logic apps, the pros include creating a useful integration workflow that solves user needs.  Today we can see that our business/ organizations move their business towards digitalized, thus leading to focusing on business logic along with functionality. Since the logic apps are very simple to create and use, logic apps don’t need much programming skills and technical knowledge.
Let’s take an overview on the workflow of an Azure Logic app
Azure Logic Apps
The template which will we use in Azure Logic apps will have the basic building blocks of a flow. Each flow will contain a combination of triggers, actions, loops with conditions.
  • The Trigger will kick-start the flow.
  • The actions will accomplish the task flow.
  • The loop will iterate the actions over the condition.
  • Overall with the help of controls the logic flow will be applied to all.
Major advantages of using Azure Logic apps are,
  • They are easy and convenient to design complex processes by design tools.
  • The logical implementation can be done without any workflow.
  • The Azure logic apps contain pre-defined templates and as well as blank logic app is also available.
  • The logical implementation of the workflow without the code is possible.


The connectors are the major part of creating automated workflows with Azure logic apps. The Azure logic apps have the 100+ connectors so that we can create and manage the work-flow.
Where can logic apps be used?
The Microsoft Azure Logic apps can be used by anyone who ever needs the automated workflow. Some of the areas which will be using Azure Logic apps includes the sectors like corporations, enterprises, and all.

Pricing tier

The pricing tier of the Azure logic app is directly related to actions and based on workflow it will be charged.
Setting up
An Active Azure Login Subscription
Step 1

Log-in to your Azure portal by using this link.

Create new resource >> Integration >>Logic app.
Azure Logic Apps
Step 2
Here comes the setting up stage, now we need to provide the required inputs for creating an Azure Logic app.
Provide a name for the Logic App.
Create the new resource group or select an existing resource group.
Select >>datacentre location & Select >>Create.
Azure Logic Apps
Step 3

Now we can see the deployment process is underway and it will take some time for the process to get completed.
After the resource has been created, we can see that the resource group has been successfully created.
Azure Logic Apps
The logic app designer window will show the predefined templates and as well as a blank logic app.
Azure Logic Apps
This is an intro to creating a simple Azure Logic App, and in my next article, we will explore about creating an Azure Logic app with connecting with cognitive services and with Azure Function App. 


In this article we have seen an overview of an Azure Logic App and its use,  and from this article, we have only seen about creating a basic logic app. In my next article we will explore about integrating azure logic apps with cognitive services and with function apps. I hope this article will be useful to you. Thanks for reading.