Introduction To Azure Media Services

In this article, we will see how to create and use Media Services in Azure.

  • Concept
  • Implementation – Creating Media Services in Azure.
  • Implementation – Uploading a media file on to the media service.


Azure Media Services is extensible cloud based application that helps developers to build scalable media management. Azure Media Services is completely based on REST APIs and helps developers to securely upload, store for on demand and off demand, and also, in live streaming to various clients.

Implementation – Creating Media Services in Azure.

  • Sign in to Azure Management portal.
  • Open Azure portal and click on “+”.
  • Click on "Web + Mobile" Service and then click on "Create" on next screen.

    Azure Media Services 
  • Fill all the details like Account Name, Resource Group, Location etc.
  • Use existing resources or create a new resource group as per your requirement.
  • Create new Storage Account and click on "Create New".
  • Give appropriate name and select performance according to your requirement and replication.
  • Replication simply helps you deploy our media services in particular region.

    Azure Media Services 
  • Once you create the storage account, click on "Create".

    Azure Media Services 
  • After your Media Service is deployed successfully, open it.

    Azure Media Services

Implementation – Uploading a media file on to the media service.

  • Open Media Service which you just created.
  • Go to "Assets" section and click on “Upload” button.
  • Also, you can see the documentation to learn what all supported files can you upload.

    Azure Media Services
    Azure Media Services
  • Select a media file to upload.
  • Now, open the file which you uploaded and click on “Publish”.

    Azure Media Services 
  • Then, click on "Add" to add the locator. 
  • Now, you will get the link “Published URLs”.
  • Copy that link and paste on browser address bar. It will run your video file successfully.

    Azure Media Services 
  • Click on Download button and copy the URL from there.
  • Click on Browser. The "Save As" window pops up to allow you to download the video file.


This is how you can use Azure Media Service in your application.

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