Introduction To Microsoft Fabric


Hi everyone! Today we have to discuss one of the new features of Microsoft, Which is " Microsoft Fabric". Along with the Microsoft Fabric, The CEO of Microsoft, Mr.Sathya Nadella, introduced 50+ new updates in Microsoft Build Event. 

At this event, I was very surprised and shocked about this Microsoft Fabric. 

What is Microsoft Fabric? 

Microsoft Fabric is a unified platform that can meet your organization's data and analytics needs. It provides a comprehensive set of capabilities, such as

  1. data movement,
  2. data lakes,
  3. data engineering,
  4. data integration,
  5. data science,
  6. real-time analytics, and
  7. business intelligence.

The above features are backed by a shared platform that provides robust data security, governance, compliance, and everything we need to do.

What are the benefits of using Microsoft Fabric?

  1. Reduced complexity 
  2. Increased agility
  3. Improved Security

All the above three features are the benefits of using Microsoft Fabric 

There are five areas that set Fabric apart from the rest of the market or third-party influence

  1. Fabric is a full analytics platform  
  2. Fabric is lake-centric and open
  3. Fabric is powered by AI
  4. Fabric empowers every business user
  5. The Fabric reduces costs through unified capacities

So, Today we can discuss one of the areas in all the above 5 areas.

Fabric is fully Analytics Platform

The Fabric is an analytics project that has multiple subsystems. Every subsystem needs a different array of capabilities; Fabric can require data from different resources.

These products are

  •  complex,
  • fragile, and
  • expensive

Fabric comes with seven core workloads

This Microsoft fabric will launch the new features core workloads in one lake; they are as follows.

  1. Data Factory
  2. Synapse Data Engineering
  3. Synapse Data Science
  4. Synapse Data Warehousing
  5. Synapse Real-Time Analytics
  6. Power BI
  7. Data Activator

Microsoft Fabric

Image Reference (Introducing Microsoft Fabric: The data platform for the era of AI | Azure Blog | Microsoft Azure)

In all the above workloads, except Power BI and Data Activator remaining 5 workloads have a preview option will be there, but coming to Data Activator, is not coming in to preview. It will take some time. Power BI is everyone able to use and do hands-on.


In the above information, we have to discuss Microsoft Fabric, a powerful platform that can help you to make better decisions with your data. If you are looking for a comprehensive and easy-to-use data and analytics platform, Microsoft Fabric is a great option. And one more thing we have to discuss is the core values and workloads of a Microsoft Fabric.