Laravel's Amazing New Error Page


This article is an introduction What’s new in error page and what’s the ignition error page. Ignition replaces Whoops as the default error handler in Laravel 6.before start this article you must know about Laravel, so let me give a short introduction about what is Laravel.

What is Laravel?

Laravel is a PHP based web-framework like Codeigniter. Laravel is one of the open-source PHP frameworks. Laravel follows the model-view-controller (MVC). Laravel is one of the most popular PHP frameworks around. PHP still reigns supreme in the back-end development world. According to Google Trends, the Laravel framework has been a favorite among programmers since its debut, surpassing other PHP frameworks like Zend, Symfony, and CodeIgniter over the years.
What makes it such a great tool? The short answer: built-in tools, libraries, and commands that make it easier than ever to build modern, secure real-time web applications.
It’s especially helpful for teams, keeping everyone in sync with Laravel’s database-agnostic migrations and schema builder.
Laravel 6.0 now ships with Ignition—a new open-source exception page for Laravel—created by Freek Van der Herten and Marcel Pociot.

Ignition is a beautiful and customizable error page for Laravel applications running on Laravel 5.5 and newer. It is the default error page for all Laravel 6 applications. It also allows you to publicly share your errors on Flare. If configured with a valid Flare API key, your errors in production applications will be tracked, and you'll get notified when they happen.
It provides a lot many new features to make an error page easier to develop and recommends the solution for particular problems so developers have a better idea about the error if any small mistakes are there.
Let see this in the details to understand the ignition error page which ships with Laravel 6.0.
"Make sure Laravel 6.0 has this Ignition Exception/Error page, Ignition replaces Whoops as the default error handler in Laravel 6. If you are using Laravel 5.8 and you update the application to Laravel 6.0, then you are not able to see the Ignition exception/error page because it will only come with a new Laravel package."
Let me give you an example when you guys are working in Laravel if any issue or any error comes during the working time. It will black screen, but now with new features, if the ignition error page will show you error on the same page.which is very useful while we are working on developing an application it's helpful for us to know on which place error is there easy to debug. Now the developer has a good screen for the exception/error page.

You can see no exception with a possible solution and make development things easy in Laravel 6.0.using the editor inside the screen. You can also able to edit code from the browser and get an updated copy in the editor too. but to use these good features you must need to add some packages and also you need to install some dependency using the composer in the command line but ho you can do that using below command you can do.
"composer require facade/ignition-code-editor --dev"
Once you run/execute the above command the dependency installed in your system and you can able see the file editor in browser from where you can update your file.
You can see an edit icon on the browser. From that you can click and open the file in the appropriate editor.

One more necessary thing is if you want to open file editor in the browser than you need to install the dependency.
Let's just think if this type of editor is available on your browser and also you can able to save and update your file from the browser then you can debug and found your issue/error quickly.
So now you know guys this feature is amazing and you know now why the Laravel 6.0 Error page is so important. It provides features like:
Display exceptions, it provides a Feasible solution to the appropriate error/exception.
Provides edit file facility to developer from browser so the developer can easily be made changes and run quickly the program, and also the debug error which saves the developer time.
It’s quite cooler than the old Laravel version or Laravel 5.3 and above.
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In this article, we learned What’s new in error page and what’s ignition error page.Whoops as the default error handler in Laravel 6
I hope that you found this tutorial easy to follow and understand.