Leadership Challenge 011 - Keith Rosen - Coach To Win, Not To Fix

Many times, as Customer Success Managers, we are trying to get the customer to do something differently. While our intentions may be good, we could be missing an opportunity to reinforce the positive behaviors that could be occurring right before our eyes. I know I am guilty of this. This article really resonates with me…I want my customers to reinforce the “new ways of working” within their organization, but am I  doing a good job of creating an environment where the customer can reflect upon the positive strides they have been making? Am I respecting the process of how long it takes to change the culture of an organization? The article uses the example of a manager and their direct report, but I also think it is very applicable to the business’ relationship with their customer…especially as my role of a CSM. How does this article relate to your environment?

By Wednesday, April 1, 2019, read the following article, please respond with a take-away and if possible a real-life example of one thing you will try to do differently based on the article.


To complete this leadership challenge please comment on the following,

  • What is one “ah-ha” moment for you from this article?
  • What is one thing you are going to try to do differently throughout March 2019 based on this article?

I look forward to seeing everyone’s comments.


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Look for my next article in April 2019.