Learn About Azure DevOps


In this article we learn about Azure DevOps, Azure DevOps Services, and Azure DevOps Server. This article will cover the following topics:
  • What is Azure DevOps
  • Azure DevOps services
  • Azure DevOps server 
  • The relationship between Azure and Azure DevOps
This is the second part of my Azure DevOps tutorial. If you want to read the previous article, go to What is DevOps.

What is Azure DevOps?

Azure DevOps provides services for support teams to plan work, collaborate on code development, and build and deploy applications. Azure DevOps supports a culture and set of processes that bring developers and project managers and contributors together to complete software development.
  • Azure DevOps is set of modern services which is used to plan Smarter, collaborate better, ship faster.
  • Azure DevOps is developed and managed by Microsoft.
  • Azure DevOps was formerly known as VSTS (Visual Studio Team Services)
  • Azure DevOps provides a set of integrated features that you can access through your web browser.

Azure and Azure DevOps

  • Azure is a cloud computing platform that provides lots of services and features to helps your organization in almost all ways during the development of any product by providing multiple tools and technologies.
  • Azure DevOps is a feature or service of Azure. Azure is very broad but Azure DevOps is an implementation of it.

Azure DevOps Services

Azure DevOps has five services:
You can choose any one of them or you can work on all of them but for the success of any product, all five services are required.
Let's talk about each service in detail:
  • Boards
    Boards are basically used for planning your work. On this board, you can write your stories, tasks, etc. 

  • Repos
    Repo is basically something related to your code. Basically, it is a repository. You can use the TFS repository or the git and you can manage your code, create branches, and multiple repositories in your project. You can use all the features which are available from the git.

  • Pipeline
    The pipeline is related to the deployment of your code. 

  • Test Plan
    A test plan is the main feature in the development of automation testing.

  • Artifacts
    It is a collection of your packages which you are getting from the private repository or the public repository, which you need to share among the team. These are required for deployment.

Choose Azure DevOps Server

Many companies do not want to use the cloud because they do not want their data to be stored.
Azure DevOps provides two types of server configurations:
  • Cloud Offering
    Azure DevOps Services provides a scalable, reliable, and globally available hosted service.

  • On-premises Offering
    Azure DevOps Server is built on a SQL Server back end. Customers usually choose the on-premises version when they need their data to stay within their network.


In this article, we have learned about Azure DevOps, Azure DevOps services, Azure DevOps server, and the relationship between Azure and Azure DevOps. In the next article, we will learn how to log in to the Azure DevOps portal and create an organization.