Learn About Azure Mobile Services

In this article, we will see how to create Azure Mobile Services.

  • Concept
  • Implementation – Creating a Mobile Service on Azure Portal.
  • Implementation – Running a mobile app using Visual Studio 2015.

Concept - About

Azure mobile app service provides high scale functionality of Azure app service to add sign -in, push notifications, data sync and much more. It also helps us to connect your app to many Enterprise systems. It provides a scale up facility for many customers across multiple geographies.

Implementation – Creating a Mobile service on Azure Portal.

  • Sign in to Azure Management portal.
  • Open Azure portal and click on “+”
  • Click on Web + Mobile and then select Mobile App.

    Azure Mobile Service
  • Click on Mobile App.
  • Then click on Create.
  • Fill all the required details and use existing resource or create new accordingly and then click on “Create”.

    Azure Mobile Service
  • Now go to App service and see the newly created Mobile app.
  • Open your app service which you have created and then click on Left side panel “Quick Start” and choose Xamarin. Android Platform.

    Azure Mobile Service
  • Once you have created the Xamarin. Android option you can see several options like Connect a database, create a table API and the language in which you wish to code.
  • Choose C# as a back-end Language.

    Azure Mobile Service
  • Configure your application by choosing “Creating A New App” option.

    Azure Mobile Service
  • Then click on the “Download” Button and download the code in the local system.

Implementation – Running a mobile app using visual studio 2015.

  • Extract the folder which you have just downloaded and open the solution using your visual studio present in your system.

    Azure Mobile Service
  • Build and Run the application, press f5 to run the application.

    Azure Mobile Service
  • Once your mobile service is running successfully, open the Xamarin Folder and Restore the packages and build the application.
  • Run the application and wait for some time to launch the Android Emulator. This is how you can test your application with your Android version.


This is how you can make Azure mobile services.