Learn About Email Marketing

We are a part of a digital world that revolves around technology and connecting with people remotely with the help of the Internet. But is it just limited to communication? We all know that it's not true. It is used for various other practices as well like businesses, services, marketing, and whatnot.
Learn About Email Marketing
Today let’s discuss how marketing has evolved digitally and what is the future and most reliable form of marketing.
Digital Marketing can be defined as a unit of marketing that uses the internet and other online-oriented technologies like desktops, mobile phones, and other media-based platforms to boost up products and services.
Learn About Email Marketing
Let me introduce you to a very interesting topic called “ Email Marketing” which is not only used by businesses but also by corporate firms, online startups irrespective of their domains and is considered one of the best practices when it comes to marketing because “Who does not use email?”
Since you are now familiar with marketing over digital platforms, Email Marketing is a process where a commercial message is sent to our customer via email. It drags our customer’s attention towards the new products, discounts, and services that one has to offer. And of course, it encourages customer loyalty.
Learn About Email Marketing
Let us walk through the process of Email Marketing.
Email Marketing consists of three basic processes,
  1. Delivery Process
  2. Creative Process
  3. Sending Process
Let’s go through each of them one by one,

Delivery Process

How to get our emails delivered to the customers is the motive of this process. Imagine dedicating hours to build an email and it's not even read. Sounds like a waste of time, doesn't it?
Learn About Email Marketing
So we take all measures to make sure that our content is delivered to our contacts in our inbox.
Delivery Process contains the following subunits that we must know before moving forward,
  1. The marketer (These are the people we market for )
  2. The Email Service Provider (Abbreviated as ESP.This is where the magic happens i.e. this is the marketing cloud eg. Salesforce. It consists of Emails, Subscribers email address, and MTA’s (Mail Transport Agent) which route message from server to receiver)
  3. Internet Service Provider (Abbreviated as ISP. Examples: Gmail, Yahoo, etc. ISPs have special measures called mail servers which are held responsible for collecting all the emails for their customers.)

Creative Process

It’s time to get creative and build an email that will draw the attention of our readers and also fulfill the motive of the firm we are marketing for. A lot of personalization takes place in the creative process.
Learn About Email Marketing
There are various point that must be kept in mind while designing an email like,
  • Email that has been designed should be responsive on various devices.
  • Preheader text will help the user to open the email so it should be creative and well written.
  • The subject line should be short and simple. It should not exceed more than 40 character lines.
  • Pay attention to the headlines.
  • Use bullet points.
  • Make Call-to-Action clear and obvious etc. 

Sending Process

These three steps must be followed while sending an email,
Preview and then send to yourself first and check how it looks on web and mobile devices. It will give you a chance to preview and make the correction if needed.
Social proofing helps in a lot of ways. It's plain logic, customers often consider that if a product /service is famous it must be for its favorable quality. This is how you can exhibit acquired authority in your email.
Once you are done with the above step, you are ready to send. You can also use A/B testing method to test various components of the email.
Learn About Email Marketing
We have walked through the basics of email marketing step by step. It’s pretty interesting right!!! We will discover more about each process in the next articles.