List Template IDs in SharePoint Online/SharePoint On-Premises


Microsoft provides various SharePoint list templates that we can use to create various types of lists or libraries. These list template ID's are used while creating a SharePoint list programmatically. We do not need to remember these list template ID's while creating a list or library. Template ID's of List, Calendar, Library, and Announcements are helpful while fetching items from SharePoint using SPFx.

Below are the standard list template ID's,

Name TemplateId BaseType
Custom List 100 GenericList
Document Library 101 DocumentLibrary
Survey 102 Survey
Links 103 GenericList
Announcements 104 GenericList
Contacts 105 GenericList
Calendar 106 GenericList
Tasks (2010) 107 GenericList
Discussion Board 108 GenericList
Picture Library 109 DocumentLibrary
Data Sources 110 DocumentLibrary
Form Library 115 DocumentLibrary
No Code Workflows 117 DocumentLibrary
Custom Workflow Process 118 GenericList
Wiki Page Library 119 DocumentLibrary
Custom List in Datasheet View 120 GenericList
No Code Public Workflows 122 DocumentLibrary
Data Connection Library 130 DocumentLibrary
Workflow History 140 GenericList
Project Tasks 150 GenericList
Promoted Links 170 GenericList
Tasks 171 GenericList
Maintenance Log Library Template 175 DocumentLibrary
Status List 432 GenericList
Report Library 433 DocumentLibrary
Persistent Storage List for MySite Published Feed 544 GenericList
External List 600 GenericList
Asset Library 851 DocumentLibrary
Issue Tracking 1100 Issue
Draft Apps 1230 GenericList
Access App 3100 DocumentLibrary
Converted Forms 10102 DocumentLibrary

In order to check the template ID of library/list, follow the below steps,

Step 1

Navigate to Site content,

Step 2

Click on App under New button,

Step 3

Choose the List/ Library you want to get the Template ID,

Step 4

Click on "Advanced Options" as shown below,

Step 5

Now have a look at the address bar to find list template id=””. List template id for the Library is 101.

List Template IDs in SharePoint OnlineSharePoint On-Premises

Common SharePoint Site Template ID

Commonly used SharePoint Site Template ID options include,

  • Blank Site- STS#1
  • Team Site- STS#3 or STS#0
  • Teams Site (Office 365 Group) - Group#0
  • Publishing Site - CMSPUBLISHING#0 or BLANKINTERNET#0
  • Communication Site - SITEPAGEPUBLISHING#0


In this article, we have seen the various List Template IDs in SharePoint Online/SharePoint 2019/2016/2013/2010/2007 and their usages.