MailIntranet: A Mailing System for Intranet

- A journey with the Condor within your LAN environment.

This project is about a mailing system within a LAN environment. May it be a corporate office or a lab or any organization for that matter, this is going to be a useful one to communicate between individuals as well as departments. The source code is being submitted alongwith.

I have tried to implement Microsoft WinForms in C# in such a way as if they are WebForms. Transition from one WinForm to another in this unique mailing system makes one glide throughout the company/across the different computer systems and communicate with other individuals/departments.

Instructions for downloading

You can download the compressed folder and...

  • Extract the contents.
  • Compile the code by running the batch file "csharp".
  • This will now create "Mail.exe".


For the mailing system to work properly, you require...

  • .Net Framework ( you can either have .Net SDK or VS7 if you don't have it already ).
  • Two or more systems connected in a LAN environment.
  • MS Access.
  • Though not a necessity, the proper and fast working of the project is achieved if the server is a minimum PIII and 256MB RAM and the rest of the systems connected in LAN are a minimum Celeron and 128 MB RAM.

How it all works?

Make a shortcut to the compiled file "Mail.exe" and simply copy this on all systems over the network. Now whenever this link is double-clicked, it connects to the mailing system making use of the appropriate files it needs to run. Rest of the system is self-explanatory and the power of the MailIntranet is to be tried to be believed...

Word of tip

Buttons are to be double-clicked if you are submitting something.

Must DO's

  • must make full use of this mailing system I have designed, in your LAN working environment.
  • must mail me any bugs/suggestions in the project at

What is not there?

The security issues have not been handled in this initial version. This means that your mails can be opened on the server. This issue was not resolved in this first version because nobody can open the mails from their nodes, i.e. from client side anyway. And access to the server is definitely restricted in all organizations. Hence the requirement was not felt. However, it will be taken care of in the future release of the full-fledged mailing system. A complete Web application to this effect is being designed as of now and I am confident that it will come out soon to be one of the most complex system designed in C# so far.