Master Plan For Your Email Marketing

Email has now become the most successful tool in generating business and improving customer conversion rates. Among many marketing tools we know, email marketing delivers handsome ROI too. Many technologies come and go, yet email has been showing its effect for the past 45 years. Of course, email is popular. Just give it a minute's thought, do you know anyone who doesn't have an email address? How many emails do you receive each day? Oh, it's a big list! From a welcome mail to marketing/transactions mail, it includes each process which a client followes and from every email, gets influenced and looks forward to the next one. This is email marketing strategy guys. 


Take a look at these email marketing strategies which are followed by top marketing pros:

The subject line 

What to write in a ‘subject line’ for an email? Should we keep it blank? Many questions arise when we compose any mail. A subject line is something which will either compel your clients to click on it or to ignore it. The choice is all yours. Well, always keep your subject line convincing. It hardly takes a minute for a customer to open an email message. So, it should be emotive and demanding at the same time. Keep it short and clear. And, when the customer clicks the email, it should be influencing enough to make any conversions. Everyone knows what his/her email is about, just make the subject line accordingly and then make it crisp and sweet if possible. Do not ever try to show urgency in emails, it gives a false impression.

The introductory sentence

Your first sentence in an email should portray your view of your subject. A marketer should be able to understand the purpose of your email from the very initial sentence. If you make your first line impressive, chances are it will read by marketers until the end. And guess what, if you mentioned a link after the first paragraph, and if the client finds it interesting, he/she will be drawn towards it. But, it should be related to your content. You may start it by greeting or saying, "Congratulations” on (career perspective) or showing interest about the client’s work, “I liked your blog post on (any website)”, or asking questions such as, "What do you think about the last event held on(X date)?" Ask them in order to draw their interest, it will surely work.

The layout

For this I would suggest you  go with “fewer words, more pictures”. An impact created through visual images is very different as compared to plain information. It allows you to simply tell your story in a single image. To keep your audiences interested, use a variety of images. Be expressive, use colors and effective fonts which suit your content. After all, what matters is your audience’s interest. Moreover, go with a proper layout, make sure what order your client is consuming your information in followed by:

  • Header
  • Subject
  • Attachments
  • Body
  • Call to action
  • Closure


Before sending mails, prepare the database of your client in a segmented manner. Make several chunks based on the client category. For instance, put the clients of ‘local business’ in one category, say category ‘A’. Again, you may make a sub-category ‘A1’ into it with respect to their location. Now, it becomes an easy task to send an event invitation to a particular category you want. Segmentation can easily be done through a CRM Software. You can create segments as per your convinience, like, segmentation with respect to a small or large scale industry, sales cycle, company size and much more. It is said by most of the marketing pros that  email marketing KPI’s give high performance if you apply segmentation to your mailing list.

Closing the email

Every single time you send an email, keep your focus on generating sales. That’s why you are doing email marketing. If you have’nt grabbed your client’s attention in your content part so far, the closure part of an email should justify it and this will be the last chance to drive people’s attention towards your producers/services. Again, you have to keep it short and crisp, in the same manner as you have done with the subject. How about using a professional email signature? I personally prefer using email signatures as it gives an overview about you including your full name, contact number, designation, your professional photo (if possible) and social media handles. And, the opportunity to be noticed among marketers gets a boost.

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