What Is New In Azure DevOps

Yesterday, Microsoft announced that Visual Studio Team Service is now Azure DevOps Services.
When Microsoft purchased GitHub earlier this year, many of us had questions regarding what they would do with VSTS. Well, here is the answer - buying GitHub didn't mean the end of VSTS but VSTS and TFS are now stronger with the addition of GitHub and TFS users will get updates based on features in Azure DevOps.

It will help developers to deliver the software faster and with higher quality. The approach is to use the public cloud. If you are an existing user of VSTS you can see the links has been changed now. Earlier it was VisualStudio.com/ProjectName

Now it is Dev.azure.com/ProjectName

Let's do a quick review. The newly announced Azure DevOps includes the following -

Azure Boards

Using this, teams can plan their works having Agile tools to plan, track, and check progress across your teams, manage your backlogs & Sprint Planning, team dashboards, query and custom reports.


The new UI is very rich;  with drag-and-drop sprint planning and flexible work item tracking, you can manage all your product ideas.

Azure Repos
You can manage all your code-Projects (Repos), that is Cloud-hosted private Git repos, also you can manage your GitHub Project Repo here and share code with the team. What a collaborative way to work.

Here, you have free unlimited private Git repository hosting and support where you can share projects code-files, code commit check-in, push your code to repos, create and manage branches, pull requests, and code search.


Azure Pipelines

Using this Pipeline, the team can implement DevOps by continuously building, testing, and deploying to any platform like Windows, Linux or Mac OS and Cloud.

Using the pipeline, we can host it on any language any platform, we have Containers and Kubernetes support, we're able to deploy to any cloud, extensible, and we have advanced workflows and features, which makes fast continuous integration/continuous delivery (CI/CD) pipelines for your open source project.


Azure Test Plans

Improve your quality of code by using planned and exploratory testing services for your apps. 
Using Test Plans we can test both web and desktop apps, we can do manual testing, exploratory testing, end-to-end traceability and quality for your user stories and features.

Azure Artifacts

Using Azure Artifacts, we can create, host, and share packages with your team.

Create Artifacts and share NuGet, npn, Maven package from the public and private sources and manage continuous integration/continuous delivery (CI/CD) pipelines with just a button click.


For more details check and refer Azure-DevOps and TFS updates and stay tuned for more articles on Azure-DevOps.