Migrating from Java to C#

Microsoft has created a tool called Java Language Conversion Assistant (JLCA), which automatically converts Java code into C# for developers who want to move existing applications to the .NET Framework.

JLCA provides following:

  • Integration with Visual Studio .NET. The Java Language Conversion Assistant facilitates further application development or identification and completion of conversion tasks within the integrated development environment (IDE).

  • Protection for existing investments. By converting your business logic, Java Language Conversion Assistant helps you make use of your existing investments, thus avoiding some of the risks of new development and decreasing your time to market.

  • Full conversion to Visual C#. Conversion of existing Java-language code to Visual C# and the .NET Framework is complete and self-contained. You can immediately start using the power of the .NET Framework and the component-oriented programming features of Visual C#.

JLCA 2.0 has following new features:

  • Project conversion. This release converts Java Server Page (JSP) and servlet applications, as well as Windows Foundation Classes (WFC) and Abstract Windowing Toolkit (AWT) client-side applications.

  • Applet projects. Applet support has been increased. It's now easier than ever to convert applets to Windows user controls for hosting in the browser.

  • Additional API support. Java-language code using the 1.2 Collections API is now converted to the equivalent .NET collection classes.

  • Localized application support. The Java Language Conversion Assistant can now both read and write Unicode and localized applications. In addition, users can also convert code using several popular file formats.

  • Performance. The performance of the Java Language Conversion Assistant is now significantly improved for the conversion of large projects.

Download and see more details about JLCA 2.0 here:

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