Java and .NET
In this section of C# Corner, you will find various resource to migrate from Java to C#.


  • Filters In Angular

    A brief introduction to filters in AngularJS with examples.
  • Upcast And Downcast Basics

    In this blog, we will learn about Downcast and Upcast with the help of a simple example.
  • How C# is Different From Java

    This article describes the various differences between C# and Java.
  • Adding Custom Variables in Activity workflow

    I'll show you how you can add and read custom variables in WorkflowServiceImpl.startWorkflow() method.
  • Get all the Calendar Events - Alfresco Repository

    How to retrieve all the calendar events from alfresco repository.
  • Alfresco Restart Sub-system by Using JConsole

    This article shows how to restart the Alfresco sub-system without restarting the Tomcat / Alfresco server.
  • Retrieve all the versions of a particular document using Alfresco CMIS and .NET

    Retrieve all the versions of a particular document using Alfresco CMIS and .NET
  • Activiti workflow deployment in alfresco

    How to deploy activiti workflow using Alfresco workflow console
  • The First Time use NetBeans Software

    For fresher in java how to use NetBeans Software.
  • Java vs .NET GZIP Compression

    This article explains GZIP compression provided by Java and .NET.
  • How To Use Java Packages In .NET

    This article describes how to use Java Packages in .NET using IKVM.NET.
  • Applet And KeyAdapter in Java

    This is just a small demo of the Applet and KeyAdapter classes that Java provides for developers to handle key events.
  • Introduction to the Abstract Windowing Toolkit (AWT)

    In this article we describe the Abstract Windowing Toolkit (AWT)
  • Password Encrypted Zip files in C#

    This article contains the source code for creating Zip files in C# that are password protected using PKWare encryption.
  • Evolution of J2ME

    Evolution of J2ME,Points related to evalution of J2ME.
  • AES Encryption using 256 bit Encryption key and IV spec parameter

    AES is a strong algorithm to encrypt or decrypt the data. Java, .NET and C++ provide different implementation to achieve this kind of encryption.
  • Create Tag Library Descriptor And Use in JSP

    It is a process to create user-defined tags which can perform any task in the server. It provides a facility to separate Java code or scriptlet from JSP. This tag follows XML syntax.
  • Find square root using JSP

    Find square root using JSP
  • Creation of a Java Bean And How it is Used in Java Server Pages

    Here you will see how to create a Java bean and how it is used in Java Server Pages (JSP)
  • Display Records of Combobox in Java

    This Java servlet will show a job to the user through a ComboBox and display the corresponding records of an employee table in tabular structure after choosing the job.
  • Animating Objects (Images) Using Javascript

    In this article we are going to learn how to animate images from one place to another place on the webpage. In this article I’m using the JavaScript function setInterval() and clearInterval() to move the objects.
  • Building JAVA UI - BorderLayout Manager

    BorderLayout Manager is default layout manager for Frame and Dialog classes. Create Frame with buttons in each border zone.
  • Simple Razor Example

    Here IsPost method is used to check that the page is posted or not. When we click on the submit button it checks if the page is being posted the code will be execute.
  • Learning JAVA for beginners

    Here you will learn java in simple steps like a beginner
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