Moodle Installation In Azure

This article will let you to know about how to create a Moodle in Windows Azure.


  1. Windows Azure account

Follow the below steps now,

Step 1 - login with your Azure credentials,

Step 2

Now on the home screen of Azure management portal select New, Compute , Web App, then select From Gallery. And the window shown below appears.

Step 3

Now find the Web Apps from the gallery that is shown below. On that scroll down and find Moodle and choose Moodle and click next. 

Step 4

Now configure your web app as shown below in the screenshot. By giving the URL, Database, Webscale group and Region in site settings option.

Step 5
Now configure your web app deployment settings as shown below in the screenshot. By giving PASSWORDSALT.

Step 6

After that configure your New MySql database by name and Region. And tick the License agreement in the bottom of the page then click next.


Step 7

It takes some time on Azure portal and then click the URL that is available in your management portal.

Step 8

Configure the dashboard as show in the screenshot. And the link is shown in URL Bar after the dashboard installation appears click continue.

Step 9 - After status check then click continue button.

Step 10 - 
Configure the administrator account control and click install button,

Step 11 - After installation the moodle dashboard appears as shown below.