Now You Can Find Your Lost Items Through Microsoft's Hololens


As the world moves along with the latest technologies in the market, some of the Virtual Reality(VR) / Augmented Reality(AR) headsets
like Google’s Daydream View / Cardboard, Facebook's Oculus, Samsung's Samsung Gear VR, HTC Vive , Sony’s Sony Playstation VR and Microsoft's Hololens are making their mark.
One of the most popular IT giants, Microsoft, has come up with its Hololens-like Augmented Reality Headset with which, we are able to find our lost keys, wallets, mobile devices, specs, or any other belonging in the room.
This headset supports artificial intelligence, motion tracking, and object recognition technologies.
It's very difficult to remember all the things like keys, wallet, mobile devices, spectacles or any other thing all the time, and Microsoft has a
solution for this. It tracks/scans the room/surroundings/room environment and keeps an eye on all the belonging with their locations through its AR Headset and it keeps all that information in its memory locally/remotely.
If you have lost any of item under a newspaper or a cushion, then it will guide you directly from where it scanned ir last, by keeping information on the item such as its last location, position, state, or other characteristics.
If you change the item location or if someone has moved the item, it connects and shares information with the other glasses/headsets and guides you with the correct location where the item was last seen. If you are running short of milk in the refrigerator, it reminds you to buy the milk when you are out in a store.
In comparison to Microsoft's Object Recognition Headset, there are various solutions like RFID tags or bluetooth trackers in the current market. This headset supports voice commands with which it can recognize our voice and find the lost items like keys, wallets, mobile devices etc.
This AR headset is soon going to be as thin as your everyday spectacles. The Augmented Reality headsets display consists of cameras and sensors through which we can scan the surroundings of a room to keep track of all the items in the room.
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