Office 365 CLI Overview


Microsoft technology stack is well known to be supported on the Windows operating system. PowerShell has been a best friend to developers and administrators in Office 365, helping  to execute powerful commands and automate the process. However, PowerShell is only supported on Windows platform.
Office 365 CLI helps to manage the Office 365 tenant and SharePoint framework (SPFx) projects on any platform. It can work well on Windows, Linux, or macOS. Office 365 CLI is supported on PowerShell, Cmder, and Bash. Office 365 CLI also supports building automation scripts.
In this article, we will see how to install Office 365 CLI and use it to manage Office 365 and SharePoint Framework projects.
Installing Office 365 CLI
Office 365 CLI is available as NPM packages.
Use the below command to install Office 365 CLI globally.
npm i -g @pnp/office365-cli
To install the beta version of Office 365 CLI, use the below command. 
npm i -g @pnp/office365-cli@next
How to use Office 365 CLI
Once the installation is finished, we can start using Office 365 CLI by typing office365 on the command line,
This will start the Office 365 CLI with its own command prompt.
Office 365 CLI Overview
Managing Office 365 Tenant
  1. To log in to the Office 365 tenant, use the below command.

    o365$ spo login https://[tenant]

    Replace the token [tenant] in the above command with your Office 365 tenant name.

    Depending upon which settings you would like to manage, specify tenant admin site (i.e. -admin) or regular SharePoint site.

  2. The command will return a code to authenticate. The unique code is generated  each time. Copy the code for future reference.

    Office 365 CLI Overview

  3. Open url ( in the browser.

    Office 365 CLI Overview 

  4. Type in the authentication code.

    Office 365 CLI Overview 

  5. Click Continue
  6. Enter Office 365 credentials or select from the list.

    Office 365 CLI Overview 

  7. The app will require permission on the Office 365 tenant.

    Office 365 CLI Overview

  8. Click Accept to grant the permissions.

  9. Once the permission is granted, you will be signed in to PnP Office 365 management shell application from your device.

    Office 365 CLI Overview

  10. You may close the browser window.

  11. Return back to the command prompt

Office 365 CLI Prompt

To get the list of all available commands, type the below command,
o365$ help

Office 365 CLI Overview 
AAD commands
The aad* commands help to work with Azure AD.
Office 365 CLI Overview
Azmgmt commands
The azmgmt* commands helps to work with Azure Management Service.
Office 365 CLI Overview
Graph commands
The graph* commands help to work with the Microsoft Graph.
Office 365 CLI Overview
Spfx commands
SPFx commands help to manage SharePoint Framework projects.
The only available command at the time of writing this article helps to upgrade the SharePoint Framework projects to the newer versions.
Office 365 CLI Overview
Spo commands
SPO (SharePoint Online) commands help to manage SharePoint Online sites.
Office 365 CLI Overview
To exit the CLI, type the below command,
o365$ exit

Upgrading Office 365 CLI

As Office 365 CLI is available as an NPM package, the bug fixes and newer functionalities are released as a new version of NPM package.
Run the below command to see if your Office 365 CLI needs to upgrade.
npm outdated --global
To update the Office 365 CLI, run the below command,
npm update -g @pnp/office365-cli


Office 365 CLI helps to manage the Office 365 tenant and SharePoint framework (SPFx) projects on any platform. It can be used effectively to upgrade SPFx projects and build automation scripts.