Online Webinar recording | How to use Elevation with SharePoint Framework (SPFX)

The SharePoint Framework (SPFx) can be designed as a web part extension model that provides full support for client-side SharePoint development, easy integration with SharePoint data and support for open-source tools. SPFx works for SharePoint Online and also for on-premises (SharePoint 2016 Feature Pack 2 and SharePoint 2019).
Key aspects of SPFx:
  • It executes in the context of the current user and connection in the browser.
  • The controls are responsive and accessible by nature.
  • It enables the developer to access the lifecycle in addition to render, load, serialize and deserialize, configuration changes, and more.
  • It is framework-agnostic. You can use any JavaScript framework that you like: React, Angular, and more.
  • The toolchain is based on common open source client development tools such as npm, Typescript, Yeoman, web pack, and gulp.
  • The performance is reliable.
Below are the key points considered in this webinar recording:
  1. How to use a Web API or App API with SharePoint Framework Solution.
  2. How to debug the Web API using SharePoint Framework.
  3. How to resolve a Cross-Origin Request issue.
  4. How to build a Project Structure within the SharePoint Framework.