Overview Of Office 365 And Setting Up Trial Account

In this article, we are going to get an introduciton to Office 365 and do a trial setup of Office 365.

The image given below displays Office 365 basic building blocks.

Office 365

Introduction of Office 365

  • Office 365 is a Cloud based Service. It supports both Cloud and Hybrid environments. Many of the aspects in Office 365 have specific ability and functionality as Exchange Online Service uses EXODS to information hold about the public folders like mail.
  • Many Applications run consecutively inside Office 365 like SharePoint Online (SPODS), Skype for Business Online, Azure etc.
  • You can setup an Office 365 one month free trial subscription.
  • Office 365 is a heart of processing engine known as Central Admin (CA), which helps in handling number of workflows tasks respectively.
  • Central Admin has the responsibility for the user’s tasks execution and perform an action on the scheduled tasks.
  • Office 365 runs wide array of apps insise it including Outlook, SharePoint Online, One Drive, Sway, Yammer, Office 365 video, Newsfeeds,Power Apps and Admin etc.

    Office 365
    Image: Office 365 apps

Trial setup of Office 365

Microsoft offers several different Office 365 subscriptions plans and pricing.

  • Office 365 Enterprise E3 | E5 | E1.
  • Office 365 Enterprise K1 | Premium |ProPlus.

    Office 365
    Office 365

  • Let’s start with Office-365-Enterproise-e3-business plans for free trial.
  • Please kindly refer the links given below to navigate to trial version.
  • Refer the image given below. To start Trial, click Free Trial.

    Office 365

  • Fill Out the entries step wise. Click Next arrow to setup step 2 -3. Follow the rest of the steps and make the entries respectively. Finally, click Create my account.

    Office 365

  • When the account has been created, click You are ready to go. Now, you can start using Office 365 trial.


    You need to subscribe (purchase plans) Office 365 to continue when the emulation period expires.

  • These are the steps, which are needed to follow to try trial version of Office 365 site.

Office 365 Sign In

  • Sign into Office 365 and lets go to Office 365 login page.
  • Navigate this url: https://login.microsoftonline.com/ to login.
  • Enter your provided E-mail address and password to login to Office 365.

    Office 365

  • After successfully signing in, Office 365 home dashboard will open and in this way, you can start using your Office 365 trial.

In the next part, we will see Office 365 inside structure and add new user functionality.

Happy reading. Any suggestion or feedback is always welcome. Thank you.