Overview Of Programming Languages


  1. Introduction
  2. Meaning of Programming Languages
  3. Important of Programming Languages
  4. Structure of Programming Languages
  5. Types of Programming Languages
  6. Conclusion


Programming Languages are important for software technologies. It is a basic one, withoutit programming could not do a thing about software. It is a key factor to every software.

There are different types of programming languagesthat are currenly trendy. This article explains the importance of programming languages.

Meaning of Programming Languages

Normal Language is a communication between two people. We are using English, Tamil, Hindi and so on using communication between two people.

Intermediate for communicate
                                 Figure 1: Intermediate for communicate

Programming Language is one kind of language. It is intermediate between human and system. Programming is one type of Language. There are different typs of   programming Languages we are using. Each programming language has some different syntax. Syntax is a some set of rules and regulations.

Intermediate for communicate with System
                        Figure 2: Intermediate for communicate with System

Important of Programming Languages

Programming language isthe heart of software. Without programming we cannot make many applications and software. Programming Language isa  key factor of software as well as embedded systems. Without programming language we cannot communicate with machines or systems. Systems only know machine code. Machine codes mean some set of series of numbers. Machine code we can call bits.

Humans only know high level languages but machines do not know high level languages.
Humans and machine could not communicate directly. We need one intermediate because humans could not understand machine languages like machines could not understand high level languages.


Compiler is anintermediary to understand each language. Compiler converts  High level languages to low level languages as well as low level languages  convert to high level languages. Each language needs at least one compiler. Without compilerwe could not understand low level language.


 Flow of Programming Languages


                         Figure 3: Flow of Programming Languages

Above diagram explains about flow of programming languages. Write code flow for  any one of the programming languages. After writing programming we need to compile. Compiler should check syntax of programming language at the same time converting  high level to low or machine level. If we have any syntax error do not convert machine language, instead of converting to inform us regarding error.

Compiler task
                                                 Figure 4: Compiler task

Above diagram explains about conversion way of high level language to low level languages.

Same way again low level to high level.

Structure of Programming Languages

Each programming Language has separate structure but a little bit changes in each programming change. Syntax wise we only have changes of each programming language otherwise it's the same structure.


Structure of Programming Languages
               Figure 5: Structure of Programming Languages

Header file is some supporting files. It is located at the top of program. Header file is the head of program. We call header file a different name in different languages. Like bellow.

  • Header File -> C Language
  • Header File -> C++ Language
  • Package -> Java Language
  • Namespace -> C# Language

Main Function is important part of programming languages. Main function is like our body, each and every function happens in main function section. Main function is starting point of programming languages. Sub function is optional one. If need it we can use, otherwise leave it.

All programming language is syntax wise different apart from others, these are same. For example ifI  need to print one line using any program using below.

printf(“Welcome To C# Corner”) C Language
cout<<”Welcome To C# Corner”; C++ Language
System.out.print(“Welcome To C# Corner”); Java Language
Console.WritLine(“Welcome To C# Corner”); C# language

Types of Programming Languages

There are different types of programming languages available. We can see below.

  • C
  • C++
  • Java
  • C#
  • Python
  • Ruby

These are mainly using programming languages in current trends. We can use whichever language we feel is better. C, C++, Java and C# are having different syntax only but concept wise all are same. If we know any one language we can learn all languages easily.


This article helps freshers as well as those who are newly learning programming. If  welearn one languages we can use all languages. Each Language has head, body section. All programs have a human like body structure.