Project Trilma .NET

In 1883 George H. Monks from Boston designed Halma - an interesting board game with simple rules. One of Halma's descendants is Trilma, sometimes called "Chinese Checkers".

Profile of version 0.0.1:

  • Each player can be set as: human, computer, none.
  • The board and pieces are drawn directly with graphical routines of .NET Framework.
  • Background is rendered with POV-Ray.
  • Program was developed with SharpDevelop 0.94.

Rules of the game: 

Each game is played by 2 to 6 players.

Each player has ten checkers, which are initially placed in the corners of the board.

Initial setting of checkers. 

The aim of the game is to place all checkers in the opposite corner of the board.

A move in Trilma consists in moving one of your checkers to next position or making a sequence of jumps along the lines that connect spots on the board. Checkers are never taken off from the board.

Beginning of a game

Most of checkers are still in their initial position.

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