ProTracker v1.0 : A Process Tracking Utility

ProTracker was a utility I wrote in C++. Here is C# version of this utility.

This program is similar to Window NT Task Manager. It displays current running processes with their process id, memory uses. The Kill Process let you kill the process. This is a pre version of this utility.

I have used the Process class to do so. Process.GetProcesses() return all the process in an array with the corresponding information such as memory used, thread priority, process ID etc.

procList = Process.GetProcesses();
for ( int i=0; i<20; i++)
iPhysical = procList[i].WorkingSet / 1024;
iVirtual= procList[i].VirtualMemorySize / 1024;
listView1.InsertItem(listView1.ListItems.Count, procList[i].ProcessName,
new string[]{procList[i].Id.ToString(), procList[i].StartTime.ToString(),
procList[i].BasePriority.ToString(), iPhysical.ToString(),
iVirtual.ToString() } );

The Kill method
is used to kill the process.

if ( procList[i].Id == iProcID )