Publish Your Azure SharePoint VM To Internet Using Resource Manager(New Model)

Having trouble with publishing your Azure VM to Internet? Not finding the suitable answer to your problem?

I wrote this so that you can solve it.I came across the same problem so hear me out: This is how I solved it. There are a few steps to apply though.Follow the steps I wrote and you'll be fine.

  1. Open your Azure Account from

    First step is easy.Head to your Azure account.

  2. Head to All Resources

    Here you can see all your vms,security groups,Public IP Addresses,Storage Account and more...

  3. Choose the Security Group

    You need to select the icon with shield and click it to enter Security Group Settings,

    My Security Group was named after VM name "SPMachine".

  4. Choose "Inbound Security Rules" from the Settings page

    This where we are gonna create rules,so that others can access our VM from Internet.

    Choose "Inbound security rules" in general section on Settings page.

  5. Create a new rule which will take others in using TCP port 80 

    I'm certain you created web applications using that port number as its the default one,unless you changed it

  6. Change your Alternate Access Mappings

    Now open your SP VM.

    Run Central Administration.

    Head to Application Management->Web Applications-> Configure Alternate Access Mappings-> Edit Public URLs,

    Choose the Web Application if you haven't already.

    Enter the remote ip address of your VM (which you connect to your VM with) in "
    Internet" input box.
  7. Access your VM through Internet

    Now its time to test it.

    Open your favorite browser and access your VM via Internet.
Important Note from the Author

This works in all type of web applications in Azure but specifically I needed to publish my Azure SharePoint VM to Internet so that customers would see it.You can use the same steps except 6 which is for SharePoint and go live.