Purchasing A Custom Domain In The Azure Portal


Custom domain is something which can be bought from the domain vendors with the name you would like it to have. It can either be your name, your car name, or any other phrase you need. This custom domain will help you to create links for your websites through which we can access by those links rather than using the links which are officially provided in the Azure web apps. These web apps which are created in Azure will end with the domain name azurewebsites.net. You can either use this one or you can purchase your own custom domain to access your web app. Now, let us see this in detail.

Looking into the portal

As usual, the first activity is to sign into the Azure portal. Now, you need to go to the web apps which you have already created or if you want to create a new web app, then you should create one. The following Link shows you the article in which I have explained the method of creating the web apps in Azure portal. So, after creating a web app or if you already have a web app, you can find it in the "All Resources" menu. Now, click on the web app for which you would like to purchase a custom domain.

Finding a custom domain

Once you click on your web app, you will be shown a menu in which you can access the settings and other configurations of you web app. In that window, you can find a bunch of options in the left side. Using all these options, you can do a lot of configurations with the web app.


Scroll down and find the option "Custom domains" option and click on it. If you already have purchased any custom domains, they will be displayed in the window that has appeared. Also, all the assigned host names for that custom domain will be shown in the bottom of the same window. Now, click on the "Buy Domain" option to purchase a domain by your own.


Now, you will be see a menu with a text box at the top, asking for the domain name. Type a domain name which you want to make use of. As previously told, it can be of any spelling and any word. After you enter the name, the possible domain names which can be assigned for that word will be shown below. From the following list, you can choose any one or more than one or all of the domains. Yes, you can choose multiple domains for a single domain.


Once you select the domain name you need, click on the contact information option. In this window, you will be asked to enter your name, organization, job title, email address, phone number, and country code. Enter all the appropriate details. But for the details of your state, enter the name of the major state in your country or the state where the data centers of Microsoft are nearby. Once you enter all these details, click on the "OK" button.


Select the auto renewal option if you would like to have an auto renewal option. Then, opt for "Privacy Protection too, if you need it. Then, select for the root domain if needed, along with WWW option. Finally, click on the "OK" button.


Purchasing a domain

After you click OK, you will be shown the details of your domain. It will have the domain name, type of renewal option, and the total amount per year. As I have seen, the custom domains which are offered by Microsoft are always with a cost of 11.99 USD per year. You can find the total sum if you have purchased multiple domains. After verifying all the details, click on the "Buy" button.


The domain will be purchased by verifying all the required details and the purchase for the following domain will get initiated and will be finished within a few minutes based on the server availability. After the purchase is done, you will be notified with the domain details. The screenshot below can explain it.



Thus, the easiest way of purchasing the custom domain in the Azure portal was explained in this article. You can make use of this and in future articles, I will discuss the concept of mapping some other custom domains which we have purchased from some other third party vendors. I hope you have learned something new from this article. Thank you.