Q&A Visualization In Power BI - Formatting The Q&A Visual


Power BI recently rolled out a new visual in the October 2019 update which is the Q&A visualization in Power BI. Q&A visual is the first Natural Language Generation visualization.
We can ask questions to our data model and the visual shows us the best appropriate result based on our model.
During this article, we will talk about how we can format the Q&A visualization in the Power BI.
I have divided the entire article of Q&A visualization into three different parts. If you have missed the first part of this article series, check the link from the following.
Download Code Files - GitHub URL
So, now let’s get started with an overview of the formatting of the Q&A visualization.
Step 1
Below is the Q&A visual which we have created.
When we select the visual, from the Format Pane we have the following options.
Step 2 - Question Field Formatting
When we expand the formatting of the Question field, it shows us the following options.
  1. Background color:
  2. Question font Color
  3. Question font size
  4. Question font family
  5. Accepted underline color
  6. Error underline color
  7. Hover color
  8. Restatement font color
  9. Restatement font size
  10. Restatement font family
Background Color
Questions Colors and Fonts
Underline Colors
Restatement Colors and Fonts
Step 3
Now, let’s check the second property which is “Suggestions”.
The suggestion property has a switch on the top to turn “On” or “Off” the suggestions. If we turn on the suggestions, our Q&A visual will show us the suggestions,  otherwise it will not show us any suggestions.
We can change the following property with the “Suggestions” option.
  1. Turn on or off the suggestions
  2. Header font color
  3. Header font size
  4. Header font family
  5. Card background color
  6. Card font family
  7. Card font size
  8. Card font family
If we turn off the suggestions, it will not show any suggestions to the end users
Header Properties
Card Properties


This is how we can easily format Q&A visualization in the Power BI Desktop.
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