Q&A Visualization In Power BI - Overview - Part One


Power BI recently rolled out a new visual in the October 2019 update which is the Q&A visualization in Power BI. Q&A visual is the first Natural Language Generation visualization.
We can ask the questions to our data model and the visual shows us the best appropriate result based on our model.
I have divided the entire article of Q&A visualization into three different parts.
So, now let’s get started with the overview of the Q&A visualization.


I have taken an example from  the Export Industry, where different countries export business informationwith their Rank, Export Stats and Share of Global Total.
Download Code Files: - GitHub URL
Also, make sure you have the latest version of the Power BI Desktop.
Step 1
Add the Q&A visualization from the visualization pane.
Step 2
Once we add the visualization, we can see the following options.
  1. Ask the Question Textbox - To ask questions about your data
  2. Suggestions - It will show top suggestions based on our data
  3. Show all suggestions - Once we click on “Show all suggestions”, it will show all the suggestions from our model.
  4. Switch to visualization - This will convert our Q&A result to the Power BI visual.
  5. Setting - It will open the Q&A settings/tooling which is useful to review our Q&A, Improve and Train our model for better results.
Step 3
Let me add the Q&A visual. It has shown some auto suggestions.
Click on any of the suggestions. It shows a graph accordingly.
Select any suggestion and the best visualization will be generated automatically.
Click on "Show all suggestions" which will show all the suggestions from your model.
Step 4
Ask the Question in Natural Language
When we ask the question, it will show the suggestions with Red and Blue Lines.
Once we set the questions in a natural language like = “Country by exports”, it generates the following chart for me.
When the chart is loaded, we can see that it has shown, (i) icon, which shows us what the graph represents.
Now, let’s save this Q&A result and convert it to the visualization.
Click on the icon shown in the screenshot, which will convert our Q&A result to the visualization.
Here is the result.
Step 5
Now, let’s talk about the Red and Blue Lines from the suggestions.
Let’s say someone asks in a natural word like,
  • “Worst countries for the export business”
  • “Best countries for the export business”
  • “Countries which has the coolest weather”
Here, the words – “Worst”, “Best”, “Coolest” are the natural language word. Power BI doesn’t understand these terms clearly.
The red line in the suggestion, which indicates that the term has not been understood by the Power BI.
Blue Line indicates that the Term is being understood by the Power BI data model.
Step 6
Now, let’s click on the settings gear from the visualization pane.
It will open the following screen.
We will discuss more in part three of this article series.


This is how we can easily create Q&A visualization in the Power BI Desktop.
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