Quick Start With Unity 3D


This article demonstrates how to quick start with Unity 3D. Here, we will learn the process of creating a Unity project, the basic menus used in the Unity environment, creating game object and moving the object, increasing & decreasing the size of the object and zoom the Game object in Unity 3D.


Unity environment version  5.6.1

Creating the Unity3D project


In the Unity Environment, select New Project and give the project name as Gettingstarted. And then, choose the Location to save the project. Select 3D or 2D. I select 3D then click "Create project".

Now, the project window will open.

What are the basic menus used in this Unity3D

Let's see the menus one by one.

File menu

In this menu, we have New Scene, Open Scene, Save and Save as the Scene, New and Open Project. New scene creates the scene in your game.

Edit Menu

In this menu, we have cut, copy, paste the scene, and delete the scene.

Game Object

Game object is used to create the object in your game. Here, we choose 3D object or 2D object.

Window menu

In this menu, we have seen the properties of the Views. It will be displayed on your Unity environment.


In the Window Menu, we have Layout. Here, we use to split your window 2 by 3 and split the window in 4 parts. Now, I have set default layout.

Let's see the Views one by one in the Unity Environment.

Project view

This View shows the assets in your scene. If you use any materials and scripts, it can be added to the Project View. If you want folders in your assets, right click the assets and select Create folder.

Console View

In this View, we check any errors in your game and it shows the error messages.

Scene view

This View displays everything for developing your game objects. We can work on any object in this View.

Game view

This View displays the object that we added in the Scene View.

Hierarchy view

We have two options in Hierarchy View. Main camera helps us to show the object in your Scene. Directional light is also used in this View.

Directional light

Directional light is used to give directions of the object at X-axis, Y-axis and Z-axis.

Main camera

Main camera is to capture the object that moves in the Scene View.Usually, it will be displayed in Camera Preview.

Let's see the Tool bar now.

Pick the camera tool for viewing the object.

This tool is used to drag the object in X,Y,Z axis directions.

This rotational tool is used to rotate the object and it modifies the object into the camera preview.

How to create GameObject

Step 3

Click on the GameObject and select 3D object. Pick the cube option.

The cube will be displayed. We can increase or decrease the size of the object.

Pick the red marked option and drag the cursor. The object can be moved now.

Next, click alt + scroll the mouse, the object can be moved if you like.

Click alt+ctrl & scroll the mouse to zoom the object in any side. It’s very important for creating object and zoom in and out.


I hope, you understood how to start with Unity3D project and create GameObject in Unity.