Rename the "Related" entities in Dynamics 365

Here is the scenario, In the accounts entity we have a related connections entity, and we need to rename the Related connections entity to Account-Connections.


  1. Login to CRM
    Sales accelerator
  2. Go to SettingsàAdvanced settings.
    Advanced setting
  3. Go to Solutionsà Open your solution
    COE sample
  4. Go to Account entityà Formsà Open account main form
  5. In the left navigationà Under Commonà Double click on connections
    Click on ok
  6. Rename the label Connections to Account-Connections and click on OK.
    Account connnection
  7. Click on Save and Publish the account form.
    Account connection
  8. Now go to the Accounts entity in the left navigationàOpen an account record on Related
    Observe Connections entity should be renamed to Account-Connections


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