Search Superpowers: A Step-by-Step on Mastering Azure Cognitive Search 🖱️


Hi, in this article, we will see how to create an Azure cognitive search; this is a step-by-step process dont skip the below steps.

Azure cognitive search is one of the most powerful tools for developers to develop powerful intelligent search solutions with haste. Here I will go through the creation of such a service, indexing the data, and testing properly; just sit back and follow the steps; you will be able to create your Cognitive search service in munites.

logging in

First, you have to sign in to your Azure portal; if you dont have one, 

Navigate to the Azure portal ( Create an account and log in using your account credentials.

Microsoft Azure


  • Now look at the search bar and click on 'Create a resource', and after that, in the search bar, search for 'Azure Cognitive Search.
  • Now click on Azure Cognitive Search and click on Create; this will trigger the creation of the cognitive search.
  • Fill the name box with a unique name for your service and choose the subscription resource group based on your requirements dont forget to choose the pricing tier which best suits you.
  • Select the region for the service which you are about to create.
  • After configuring everything for your services now, in the end, click on 'Create' This will trigger the service creation of the Azure Cognitive Search service.
    New Search Service

Get ready with your data

  • The data you can provide can be an Azure SQL Database, Azure Cosmos DB, Azure Blob Storage, or other supported data sources.
  • Ensure the data is properly structured.
    Microsoft Azure

Indexing the Data

  • Now you have your cognitive search created, navigate to cognitive search.
  • In the Cognitive search, select the index option and add a new index for your data.
  • Give a name for your index and Categorize the fields you want to include in the index. 
  • Configure search-specific settings and performance.
  • Save the final index configuration and proceed to the next step.
    Import Data

 Test your Search Index

  1. After the data is successfully inserted into the search index,  go to the 'Search Explorer' section of your Search service.
  2. Create and execute search queries to test the functionality of the search index you have provisioned.
    Microsoft Azure


In this article, we have covered how to create a cognitive search service, providing and index the data; we also covered testing your index, and deploying the data. Remember to monitor the performance of your service's do adjustments when needed, and configure the indexing accordingly. Good luck with your cognitive search.

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