SharePoint 2016 - December 2016 CU Issue Fixed

In this article, we will list all the issues of SharePoint 2016 that are fixed in the December 2016 CU. This month, MSFT released two packages and we should install both.

What’s Included

This CU includes all the previous CU since SharePoint 2016 RTM. This CU also includes the Feature Pack 1.

Following features are part of Feature Pack 1.

  • Administrative Actions Logging
  • MinRole enhancements
  • SharePoint Custom Tiles
  • Hybrid Auditing (preview)
  • Hybrid Taxonomy (preview)
  • OneDrive API for SharePoint on-premises
  • OneDrive for Business modern experience (available to Software Assurance customers)
Improvements and fixes

This CU brings a lot of SharePoint & Project Server fixes. Here is the list of fixes published by MSFT.

Project Server 2016

  1. If you apply a new site theme, the timeline which is a part of the tasks app may continue to use the default theme. For example, suppose, the new site theme displays a blue background. In this case, the timeline would still be displayed with the default white background.

  2. An Active Directory group that's used to synchronize users in Project Web App and that includes disabled accounts does not inactivate those users in Project Web App. Additionally, the Active Directory Sync job may show that it partly failed.

  3. When you edit a project in Project Web App, the filter that has been associated with the View that you have applied doesn't work if the filter uses the "Begins with" test.

  4. Consider the following scenario.

    • In Project Professional, you have several tasks, some of which are summary tasks.
    • You have collapsed some detail tasks so that you only see the related summary tasks.
    • You save, publish, close, and check in the project.
    • In Project Web App, you go to the Project Center.
    • You drill into the project so that you can see the details.
    • You choose to edit the project in Project Web App.

  5. In this situation, you see the expected summary tasks but you can't expand them in order to see the subtasks under them.

SharePoint Server 2016- Improvements

  1. Introduces a new Out of the Box (OOTB) managed property DocumentLink for supporting Multi-Purpose Internet Mail Extension (MIME) file path search in folders.
  2. Allows the use of custom result source GUID for remote SharePoint search and people search.
  3. This update enables search administrator to set a new Search Service Application property, in order to treat expanded synonyms with the same weight as the original query during rank calculation. For example, search administrator can reset the synonym weight to 1.
  4. Updates the translations of Wiki page alerts to make sure that the meaning is accurate in Dutch.


  • Custom managed property that contains special characters (such as an apostrophe) isn't highlighted when it's searched.
  • The navigation site setting page may freeze to load if there are duplicate node between pages and navigation links with a same title and URL. Sometimes, one of the links may disappear.
  • Custom tiles feature should not be enabled by default.
  • After you upgrade a multi-server farm with a public update, SharePoint may still show the status of a server as Upgrade Required. This update also adds more logging to help investigate this issue.
  • On-premises custom tiles don't integrate with the Alternate Access Mappings feature.
  • The left sidebar on the Health Report page of Central Administration isn't displayed.
  • An exception is displayed for each result when you initialize the Micro Blob field.
  • When you search for phone numbers, an incorrect result is returned.
  • When you use the Volume Shadow Copy Services (VSS) writer, backing up the SharePoint Search index component may fail.
  • Managed property information is added to make sure that the managed properties are enriched by the content enrichment web service and make it to the index. Therefore, the search query will work correctly.
  • You experience performance issue when you update the Title property of a site permission level such as Contribute.
  • When you click a link and try to create a category on a non-English community site, you receive a 404 error.
  • Under a newly created community site template with the German language, if you create some categories and assign them to discussions when you select the categories [kategorien] fields in the site, friendly relative date is displayed instead of an error message that resembles the following
  • Sys.ArgumentOutOfRangeException: Sys.ArgumentOutOfRangeException: Specified argument was out of the range of valid values.
  • When you try to download and open workbooks that are stored in a SharePoint document library in Excel, Excel crashes in some scenarios.
  • When you add a user to an Exchange connected calendar app, you receive the following error message.
  • E-mail address is empty. You should set Exchange e-mail address into your user profile to retrieve calendar data from Exchange server.
  • When you use SQL Server Standard edition instead of SQL Server Enterprise edition, upgrading a SharePoint Server 2013 Search Administration database to SharePoint Server 2016 fails.
  • When you try to export search configuration, you experience time-out issues. This update makes the time-out settings configurable as search service application (SSA) proxy properties.
  • When you update a SharePoint farm, SharePoint may add duplicate entries in the web.config file. This causes the file to grow unnecessarily. This update stops adding duplicate entries and deletes existing duplicate entries.
  • If there's a taxonomy column in a document library with a default value, this update ensures the value won't be set on each content in the document library. This update ensures default column value is set for taxonomy columns if the content type is using it explicitly.
  • The radio group titles of the Server Role Selection page in the PSConfig tool aren't properly visible in high contrast mode.
  • Files can be copied side-by-side during a PSConfig upgrade to support Zero Downtime Patching. Previously, the files are copied side-by-side regardless of the EnableSideBySide setting. Now, the files are copied side-by-side if the EnableSideBySide setting is true. This saves upgrade time for non-ZDP deployments. See SharePoint Server 2016 zero downtime patching steps for more information.
  • In previous public updates, the PSConfig upgrade progress estimator would sometimes show inaccurate estimates which include some progress estimates that were greater than 100%. This is improved in the December 2016 public update to show more accurate progress estimates.
  • The Query.TrimDuplicates property is always set to true if you use a remote SharePoint query source. Therefore, duplicated results are always deleted for a query.

Language-Dependent Fix

  1. Updates the translations of Wiki page alerts to make sure that the meaning is accurate in Dutch.
  2. Updates the translation of the check-in confirm dialog box when you close a changed project in PWA.
  3. When you click a link and try to create a category on a non-English community site, you receive a 404 error.


As we know, this Month MSFT Release 2 CUs (one Include the LPs related fix and Other Non LP related fixes).


  • To apply this update, you must have Microsoft SharePoint Server 2016 installed.

Restart information

  • If during the Installation of the Updates Certain Component of the SharePoint is running then it will ask you to Restart the server. So it depends upon your server.

Schema Change

  • This update will update the database schema so that means schema and Patch Version will be changed. You will see the same Patch number and Build Number.

Patch Number

  • 16.0.4471.1000

Known Issue with CU

This CU also fixes the longer time issue with Installation of packages.


See Also

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