SharePoint Online Modern Admin Center - Bulk Action Features - Bulk Hub Site Association

Today, I will be talking about the new set of bulk edit features in Modern SharePoint Admin Center.

In March 2019, Microsoft released the first set of the Bulk action features (Bulk share) and in May, they released the second set. You will see it in your tenant (depending upon your tenant target release options) as Microsoft has been rolling these out recently. My tenant is on early target release so I got it early.

There are two more options added into the Bulk Edit features on the Active Sites page.
  1. Bulk delete of sites
  2. Bulk hub site association
In this article, we will talk about the Bulk Hub Site Association of site collections. Please check the article for an explanation of the Bulk Delete of Sites.

There are a couple of operations that can be performed.
  1. Associates multiple site collections to hub sites
  2. Change the Hub site association
  3. Un-associate sites from a hub site.
You cannot associate a hub site to another hub site.

Bulk Hub Site Association

Bulk hub site association feature will allow the SharePoint Online Admin to associate multiple sites in one go. This is a really good feature which was requested tons of times by the users from Microsoft.
  • Log into SharePoint Admin center and login with SharePoint Tenant Admin credentials.
  • In the left-hand Pane (quick launch), select the Admin Center > SharePoint.

  • Click on the "Active Sites" button.

  • On the Active Sites page, you will not see the Bulk Edit option. The reason behind this is that we haven’t selected any site collection.

  • Now, select Multiple site collections (if you select only one site, then the Bulk Edit will not appear; a minimum of 2 site collections should be selected.) & you will see the Bulk Edit Action option.

  • Click "Edit" drop-down:

  • A new Hub Site Association box will pop up.

  • Click on the Select a hub Site drop-down and select the required Hub Site.

  • You will see the status message on active site page.

  • Finally, you will see the "Successfully Updated" message.

  • You will see all 3 sites collections associates with Test2 hub site.

  • Now, we successfully associated the multiple site collections to a hub site in a go.

Unregistered Site collections from Hub Site collection

We can also change the association of sites collections from a Hub site or totally remove its associations from the Hub site
  • You select multiple site collection and hit the Hub site association button from Bulk Edit. Now, Select the None

  • Now click Save

  • Now, you will see the status message on active site page.

  • Finally you will see the sucessfully Updated message.

  • Now we can see the no hub site associates with these site collections.

We can change the association of the site collection from one hub to other hub site using the same method.

Try to associate Hub site to another Hub site.

If you select Hub site and try to change its association, it is not possible. In this case, you will get the error.
  • Select the multiple site collection (including the one Hub Site as well)

  • When you click the Hub Site Association, you will see this error message. “1 site you selected can’t be associated with a hub.”

  • If you click the view details:

  • This message is self-explanatory, we cannot associate a Hub site to another Hub site. If we want to change the hub association of hub site then we have to unregister that site as hub site first,  then change the associations.
In this article, we learned about the new option available under the Bulk edit, Hub site association. It is easy to use and a really handy tool.
Keep tuning in as Microsoft keeps adding more features inside the Modern admin center.