SharePoint Online Task List In Modern View Not Displaying Task Name


In this article, we explore one of the issues in the SharePoint online Task list displaying ID instead of Title. All of the task lists set for new experience began displaying the Task ID instead of the Task Title in all views in Edge and Chrome. We observed lots of people facing this issue in SharePoint online modern view for Task List


Users are not able to see the task name in the modern view. displaying the Task ID instead of the Task Title. Users have attempted to change the view with Task Name (linked to item), Task Name (linked to item with edit menu). However,
Users can see in the classic view only
To fix this problem in modern SharePoint online. I have introduced in my previous article Column formatting Concept in Modern SharePoint online.
When we see in the modern experience displaying the Task ID instead of the Task Title. When we are trying to click on the Task title item instead of opening the display form downloaded the Take Id bank file.
We archive and resolve the SharePoint modem Task list problem using the following approach
Navigate to your SharePoint online site -> open SharePoint Task list -> Follow the numerical point as shown in the below screenshot.
  1. {  
  2.   "$schema""",  
  3.   "elmType""a",  
  4.   "txtContent""@currentField",  
  5.   "attributes": {  
  6.     "href""= @currentWeb + '/Lists/Tasks/DispForm.aspx?ID=' + [$ID]"  
  7.   },  
  8.   "style": {  
  9.     "outline""transparent",  
  10.     "position""relative",  
  11.     "display""inline-block",  
  12.     "box-sizing""border-box",  
  13.     "min-height""42px",  
  14.     "vertical-align""top",  
  15.     "white-space""nowrap",  
  16.     "overflow""hidden",  
  17.     "text-overflow""ellipsis",  
  18.     "padding-top""11px",  
  19.     "padding-bottom""11px",  
  20.     "padding-left""12px",  
  21.     "text-decoration""none",  
  22.     "color""currentColor"  
  23.   }  
  24. }  

After adding the JSON and clicking the save button then we see the preview output of the result.

Final Output
Before applying the column formatting Screen,
After applying the column formatting Screen,
I hope it will be helpful !!!