Sharing Apps Via RemoteApp In Azure


This article will help you to know what Azure Remoteapp is and  how to create a Remoteapp and access it on Azure.

What is Remoteapp?

Azure Remoteapp will help you to run any Windows Application from anywhere at any device.This Azure Remoteapp helps you to connect to any Application, irrespective of the OS (Operating System) or anything.

Azure Remoteapp can be connected to any Application, as it may be a phone app, office app, games etc. It also supports other platforms to work with, where you can have the same experience. It is Remoteapp that works with the help of Windows VM (Virtual Machine), where your collection of apps can be accessed from it.

Developer Requirements
  • Windows Azure Account

Click here to get a temporary Azure account, free of cost.

Click here to know the app requirements to make sure whether the particular app which you want to work with will be shared or not.

Follow the steps, given below, to create a collection under remoteapp in Azure:

Step 1:
Go to Azure Portal, scroll down and click Remoteapp.


Click create a Remoteapp collection, give the name, region, plan and select the template image.

Name: Name describes the Remoteapp collection name that you want to give.

Region: Select the closest region from your locality.

Plan: We have two billing plans here -- Basic billing and Standard billing. Basic billing plan will support 16 users on a large Azure Virtual Machine. Standard billing plan will support 10 users on a large Azure Virtual Machine. Here, we will go with a Standard plan, as we are going to work with Office template.

Images: Images contains the apps, that you want to publish.


Now, Azure Remoteapp trial period subscription will be created.

RemoteApp trial

Step 2: Click on the collection name to explore more additional options and access for the apps.


Go to Publish Tab

Install Remote Desktop Client, until the Remoteapp gets provisioned

Click try it for free.



Click Get Started, once the installation is done:

Get Started

Now, sign in with your Azure credentials:


Here, you can find all Azure Remoteapp.


Click on Excel app now. Thus, you can access Excel app now.

excel app

excel app

Step 3: Go to Remoteapp dashboard now and click on “publish remoteapp programs”:

 remoteapp programs

Select Powershell and publish it.


Go to Publishing now. You can find PowerShell is added.


Refresh your Azure Remoteapp. You can find Powershell is added.