SMS Service Using Azure


We all know that cloud computing has unlimited possibilities, and with that, we can demand any type of service. In this article, I will explain about sending a short message service (SMS) using Virtual Machine with the help of Ozeking SMS Gateway.
First, let’s take a look on Ozeking SMS system. It is an SMS gateway application with which we can send/receive N number of SMS by connecting to GSM network through internet attached to PC. And for this SMS process, I have selected Windows 2012 Server OS. But, you can select Windows 2016 Server also.


  • An active Azure subscription

Steps for sending SMS using Azure.

Before using the Ozeking Sms gateway, we need to create a virtual machine and with the help of VM, we are going to send an SMS to another person from VM.

Step 1

Log into your Azure portal.

Step 2

Click New -> Compute -> Windows Server 2012 R2 Datacenter.

Step 3

From the Windows Server deployment model page, click Create.

Step 4

Now, we need to configure the basic section needs.

  • Provide a unique name for the VM
  • Provide a username and password for the VM for logging into the VM.
  • You can select a new resource group or select an existing group. If you have selected a new resource group, provide a new name to it.
  • Select the location of the Datacenter.
  • Now, we need to choose a disk size for the VM. 
  • Click OK in settings and click OK in summary for the validation pass message.

Step 5

The deployment process will take place now. After the successful deployment of VM, we can run it in dashboard.

Step 6

Click Connect button. A remote desktop protocol file with the VM name will be downloaded (.rdp).

Step 7

When we open it, a dialog box will appear. Click the Connect button to proceed to next further process.

Step 8

Now, we need to log into VM using the username and password.

Step 9

After logging into VM, open Internet Explorer in VM and open the webpage of Ozeki SMS gateway from the following link . Then, click Download.

Step 10

Provide a name and email id for the downloading of the file. A zipped file will be downloaded. Just unzip it after download to install the application. 

Step 11

After installation, a dialog box will appear for the requirement of the username with password. Provide a username and password for regitering yourself and click Next.

Step 12

Login with the username and password again.

Step 13

The gateway will be loaded with the service provider connections, user, and other settings.

Step 14

Click the Compose button for sending the SMS messages from Ozeking SMS gateway.

Step 15

Now, in Compose Text Message dialog box, we can provide the content message and the number of a person whom we need to send the message. 

I hope you have learned something new. Thanks for reading.