SMTP and POP3 Mail Server


Use a_unregister.bat to unregister server (Application\\). Use register.bat to register server (Application\\) and use LSMailServerManager.exe mange server.


Supports multiple domains
Supports multiple e-address for one mailbox
Support aliases
Support email routing. eg *ivar* pattern routes all addresses containing ivar to specified mailbox.
IP access filtering
POP3 APOP command
Full MS Sql server support
Nice GUI for administation
Well commented source

How it works?

MailServerComponent implements POP3 and SMTP (core) servers. (Handles lowlevel POP3 and SMTP commands and raises events according to it)

MailServer service just handles MailServerComponent events and does mail retrieving and storing job.

What's missing?
Web administation
POP3 web access

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