In SharePoint list, we can add any number of columns but it gets difficult to view the content or fill in the content when the number of columns is huge. For example, if the number of columns in the list is more than 50, then it is annoying for the end-users to keep scrolling and fill the data or find the data.

How can we modify the forms UI to nice grouping, sections, tabs, headings, and small forms?

Yes, we can do this easily using PowerApps customization. You need to customize the SharePoint list using PowerApps. In this video, we will see the required steps to achieve this. You can add any number of forms depending on the complexity of your SharePoint list.

Split SharePoint List Forms Into Tabs Or Small Forms Using PowerApps
Aug 29 2019

Sarvesh Shinde

In this video article, we will see how to split a big SharePoint list form into small tabs or forms using PowerApps.