SQL Server 2019 Download Here (And SQL Server 2022)

In this article, we'll learn to download and install SQL Server 2019. There are numerous editions and versions of SQL Server, and this article will help you choose the right one. 

Note: The latest version of SQL Server is 2022. Here is the list of all SQL Server downloads: SQL Server Downloads

SQL Server 2019

SQL Server is a management system for a relational database designed and developed by Microsoft, which enables developers, data engineers, and solution architects to store and retrieve data while developing software applications. The current version is the SQL Server 2019, an upgraded version of the 2017 SQL Server. From the MS SQL Server for OS/2 that started in 1989 and its first release of SQL Server 4.2 in 1993, SQL Server has come a long way, with SQL Server 2019 providing capabilities and functionalities with significant improvement over the decades.  

The SQL Server can opt for use on Azure, ie. The Cloud, on-premises, extends to the IoT devices through Edge.  

How to Download and Install SQL Server 2019?  

First, one must realize which SQL Server 2019 edition one requires. This depends on the type of use case scenario one wishes to perform. Microsoft has provided two specialized editions, one as the Developer edition and one the Express edition. However, both of these editions are freely available.  


The SQL Server 2019 Developer edition provides full features of the SQL Server 2019 and is licensed for use only in development and testing in non-production environments.  


The SQL Server 2019 Express edition is also freely available. However, the difference from the Developer Edition is that this version is ideal for production use for web, desktop, and server application development.  

Furthermore, there are different installations of SQL Server 2019 for Windows, Linux, and Docker.  

Step 1 

Now, Visit the SQL Server 2019 Downloads page and choose the installation setup.  

Step 2 

For Windows, Click on Choose your installation setup.  

Step 3 

Now, we'll opt for various installation processes. First, click on Install on Windows.  

Step 4 

We'll be taken to another page with Options for Azure and EXE.  

Step 5 

Click on Exe and fill in the detail and continue.  

The other way is directly installing the Developer Edition for the non-production environment.  

Step 1 

Click on Download Now under Developer or Express Edition.  

Step 2 

A .exe file will be downloaded to your system.  

Double Click that file.  

Step 3 

You'll be provided with different options. But, for now, let us stick with the Basics.  

Step 4 

Read the License Terms and Click on Accept.  

Step 5 

Choose the Drive you want to install your SQL Server 2019.


Make sure the free space is available as per the download size of the software. Once done, click on Install.  

Step 6 

The rules engine will now be extracted to your specified location to download the package.  

The setup files will now be acquired and downloaded to your system.  

Step 7 

Once the download is successful, the installation process will begin.  

Step 8 

Once the installation is complete, you can access and use the SQL Server 2019 Edition.  

You can choose Connect Now or Install the SSMS into your system for further connections and installations. 

Step 9 

With the SQL Server 2019 now set up, we can use it to connect it to our applications and other software.  

Check out the Azure Data Studio Series to learn about it. For example, in the Azure Data Studio - Create, Query, And Delete In SQL Server, we use the SQL Server 2019 and connect it to Azure Data Studio to Connect and Query data from the Studio itself.

The use and functionalities of SQL Server 2019 are beyond leaps and bounds. Data is the heart of any software application, and SQL Server 2019 is the core of major applications out there in existence.  


Thus, in this article, we learned about SQL Server 2019 and learned to download the install it in our system. Depending upon the use case and system, there are different ways and editions of SQL Server 2019 to use and take advantage of. Hopefully, this article has helped you to choose the right one.  

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