Synchrobit - A Revolutionary Trading Platform At Cutting-Edge Of Blockchain Technology

Synchrobit - The Revolutionary Trading Platform At The Cutting-Edge Of Blockchain Technology
SynchroBit is a multi-purpose hybrid digital assets trading platform that enables trading of digital assets supporting Fiat as well as Crypto assets. Founded by a group of international experts in digital asset trading, blockchain, finance, digital marketing and developers, the Synchronium team has incorporated a holistic approach for developing an entire ecosystem, which will support a host of modules and functionality.
SynchroBit is one of the largest projects under the Synchronium umbrella. It is designed to act as the economic backbone to other modules and projects. It is the trading platform which will be the economic engine of SynchroSphere, the gamut of services bundled as an ecosystem. What makes SynchroBit special when compared to other blockchain projects is its unique consensus protocol, PoSync, which is revolutionary with the capability of serving 1,000,000 transactions per second when other blockchains are struggling to achieve thousands of transactions in a second. Another key advantage is that the SynchroBit platform is completely peer-to-peer, thereby preventing market manipulation of any kind.
SynchroBit was born out of the need for security, integrity, integrated fund management features, lack of diversity of assets, liquidity and holistic trading platforms that can serve both Fiat and Crypto and still be easy to use for traders.
Some of the features that make this platform stand apart in the crowded crypto trading market are:

Hybrid functionality

Synchrobit is a hybrid trading platform, which means it combines the benefits of a centralized trading exchange as well as a decentralized one (DEX). This solves the problems of speed and clunky user interface in the DEX market as well as of high-trust and integrity in the centralized exchange market.

Diversified markets

SynchroBit markets will have high liquidity and diversity of assets. All valuable digital assets can be traded on this unique platform. Diversity is built into the tech architecture of the platform providing users with enhanced liquidity, diversity of assets for high profitability, and trading in global financial assets along with cryptocurrencies.

Simplicity and diversity

Platforms that provide diversity tend to be complicated, and the ones that are easy-to-use cut down on flexibility and the range of options for trading. SynchroBit is one platform that is simple and easy to use but also provides diverse options for users to trade with. This combination makes it appealing for many expert traders.


We have seen billions of dollars being stolen by hackers in exchanges across the world. SynchroBit takes its security seriously. They have built-in security in all processes, with the use of the latest high-tech tools and cybersecurity advisors and staff who are among the best in the world. The platform team also plans to collaborate with users to increase usability and protection measures.

Wallets Technology

SynchroBit has an impressive armor of wallets that were previously inaccessible for retail users. Their highly secure wallets are tamper-proof because they are hosted on asymmetric nodes on various blockchain networks. These wallets are decentralized wallets for crypto and Fiat. They also have a cold-wallet option for the users. With multiple crypto addresses, the wallet's complete control is with the user since no private keys are stored on SynchroBit servers.

Ease of use

User experience is one of the key focus areas for SynchroBit. By identifying segments of every kind of user, they have designed desktop and smartphone versions of the application. It is not only easier to use, but it is also smarter and faster. It has features that make the user's lives and experiences with the platform very easy. Performance Analysis tools provide users with their key statistics on a simple dashboard. Public and private chatrooms that serve different purposes from sharing news to discussing ideas with friends and a closed circle of traders are also available.

Integrated Customer Service

One of the biggest complaints that traders have is the lack of support and service. With so much liquidity in the system, traders often require assistance to use the platform. The aspect of providing great service is lacking from most platforms today. SynchroBit solves this problem by integrating customer service and support in the product design. The customer service plans provide users with market insights, advanced analytics, account management and a host of other features.
The team will provide personalized customer service with agents working around the clock, every day of the year. To take it one step further, the support network is decentralized in numerous countries in local languages. Users will be able to obtain support via email, chat or phone making it very convenient for those on the go.
The platform is also committed to observing the Anti-Money laundering (AML) and Know Your Customer (KYC) norms of every jurisdiction that they operate in. Using AI, these protocols make the trading experience more secure.

SNB token and ICO

The SNB token is the fuel of the Synchronium ecosystem. Based on Ethereum's popular blockchain, SNB is an ERC-20 token. This token will be the payment mechanism on all Synchronium platforms and apps and will be utilized for paying the trading fees. Those who hold SNB tokens will be allowed to trade without any fee on the SynchroBit platform. The SNB token will be listed on several of the popular exchanges in the crypto world.
The ICO is being conducted in three rounds starting from 1st August 2019. Every investor who contributes to the token must clear the SNB KYC process to be a legitimate investor.
The SNB token will also be distributed through an Initial Exchange Offering on partner exchanges. The token is priced at $0.20, $0.25 and $0.35 in each of the three progressive rounds of the ICO offering.


A game-changing platform like SynchroBit incorporates market needs missing from other platforms. The team has innovated a sophisticated consensus mechanism that is at the heart of all services to the ecosystem, the platform, products and customer service which simplifies and secures exchanges. In an era where every exchange in global finance is able to deliver either very complicated solutions to a handful of users, or very simplified rigid solutions to the masses, The SynchroBit team has created a balance which will set the bar for the next generation of digital exchanges.
Synchrobit - The Revolutionary Trading Platform At The Cutting-Edge Of Blockchain Technology

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