TezJS - Introducing The Revolutionary Jamstack Development Framework

Hello to the most efficient and newest static site generator born in the IT universe - TezJS. It is one of the most contemporary, fastest, Jamstack frameworks designed on top of VueJS. The TezJS development team has firmly and consistently worked on its smooth utilization. And the team has now made it publicly accessible and live. Kudos to their huge success.

Considered a static site generator, TezJS enables web developers to create modernistic Jamstack websites and progressive web apps with enhanced functionalities and user experience.

Moreover, with a rudimentary understanding of JavaScript, front-end developers can create state-of-the-art websites that load quickly on all platforms. The carefully crafted TezJS framework technique guarantees the highest throughput, flexibility, adaptability, best development standards, and lightning-fast speed right out of the box.

Let’s now go through some more significant aspects of TezJS and understand why it’s the BEST.

And when I say BEST, no kidding!

TezJS – Avant-Garde Static Site Generator

Different types of static site generators have existed in the market for a long time. They also propose further updates and modifications throughout time. Gatsby, Next, Gridsome, Nuxt, and numerous other SSG frameworks have been on the developer’s list for a while.

However, when analyzing the use case of a huge website with more than 20 elements on a single page. We find that it cannot stand up to the efficient web performance criteria in terms of Core Web Vitals, which is significant for the website.

Consequently, TezJS was developed while keeping an important goal in mind: to provide a very simple developer experience by doing away with complex coding. It also provides a strong, secure framework environment with a wide range of pre-defined functionalities. TezJS adheres to all the Core Web Vitals parameters and leverages VueJS as its primary language to provide speedier website performance.

TezJS also includes built-in support for Strapi, forming the greatest Headless CMS with Strapi in the backend. As a result, the combination of TezJS and Strapi offers everything a developer or business executive may need for an enterprise-level CMS with more than 1200 web pages.

Wow! Fascinating, isn’t it?

Enjoy the Best Architectural Features of TezJS

With the help of the TezJS architecture framework, you can utilize the best-of-class platform specialized in different functionalities. Enjoy the benefits like scalability, security, and future-proofing of TezJS integrated with Strapi support providing you with a Headless CMS and giving yourself the freedom to design your front-end any way you choose.

Let’s now talk about the key architectural characteristics of TezJS:

Content Lazy Loading

For a website to perform more quickly, turn on lazy loading to utilize only the resources for the necessary content, including JSON data for components, and dismiss any requests for unnecessary content.

Environment Variable Management

It allows type-friendly environment variable management on the client and server sides. Enforce environment variable security by allowing only limited access to the client-side environment variable.

Component-Driven Architecture

When using a component-driven architecture, you can only load the required data and components when needed. It enables server-side static page rendering with no JavaScript.

Image Loading with Service Workers

With TezJS, you may upload high-resolution images following your requirements as it loads the images in a separate service thread. The process helps keep the main thread and DOM rendering from blocking.

Insightful Platform with Endless Possibilities for Everyone

TezJS is much more than just a Headless CMS. It’s a modern Jamstack website development framework with advanced content modeling and management.

The utmost goal of TezJS is to enhance the Core Web Vitals without compromising the user experience. The methodology gives every team member working on the project limitless choices and makes TezJS a state-of-the-art solution for whatever website you design.

Therefore, TezJS is an intuitive platform for everyone on your team, providing them with ample opportunities.

Most importantly

For Business Leaders

When opting for TezJS for business leaders, it will help them to unite different technologies and strategies to produce maximum ROI.

For Web Developers

When web developers choose TezJS, they can enjoy full control and management of their code, data, and stack.

For Content Managers

TezJS helps content managers create a personalized experience to outgrow and increase their audience.

For Digital Marketers

When digital marketers utilize TezJS, it helps them to outdo their website agility and create an outstanding online presence for their organizations.

But, Why Choose TezJS?

A multilingual, UI/UX-rich, scalable, and fast website is essential for maximizing returns and generating good revenue. Having a website that loads quickly and has the best Core Web Vitals is one of the important parameters by Google when measuring an efficient website. Many huge conglomerates also fall short of these parameters, which causes their website to behave sluggishly and affect their web performance unsatisfactorily.

Ultimately, TezJS comes to the rescue. Experts developed this super-quick front-end development framework with a wealth of experience, domain insights, and industry knowledge to ensure out-of-the-box performance.

Let’s now look at why one should choose TezJS and why it differs from the many more fish in the sea.

Interactive Digital Experience

Success in the digital era is driven by speed. Hence, TezJS assists you in providing the quickest website possible, delivering an incredibly wonderful digital experience for your visitors across different platforms.

Omnichannel Content Delivery

A headless CMS like TezJS can help you fully utilize the omnichannel experience. It establishes an experienced, smooth channel service across all touchpoints while maintaining integrity and usability.

Search Engine Adaptive

A TezJS website always loads as static HTML before converting into a fully functional VueJS SPA. In this approach, search engines can simply crawl the information and provide a better and faster result in a short amount of time.

Developers and Marketers Choice

TezJS was created to offer a cutting-edge digital experience that helps developers create modernistic websites and marketers take control. It’s a kind of freedom combined with accuracy.

Quicker in Nature

To ensure your website is thoroughly optimized for search engines, TezJS automates code-splitting, aligning important styles, image optimization, prefetching resources, lazy loading, and many more.

Robust Security

TezJS stands up with no database and no server approach. So, when utilizing TezJS to create a website, there is no chance for DDOS attacks, network threats, accidental disclosure, or malicious requests.

You can contact TezJS if your main objective is to provide best practices for your developers to outperform Google’s SEO standards with rich UI/UX and an enhanced developer experience. TezJS, as a Headless CMS, is a cutting-edge one-stop solution for quick websites featuring advanced technologies like Strapi and Tailwind CSS.

TezJS guarantees efficient communication between business executives and the development process.

So, you can never go wrong with TezJS!

Thank you for your patient reading!

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