The Best Guide To Cross-Channel Customer Experience Strategy

The Best Guide To Cross-Channel Customer Experience Strategy

Here is how to implement a cross-channel customer experience strategy

Customers are the fuel that drives any business, and in recent years, brands have to come to prioritize it over everything. Quality products and impeccable CX seems to be the primary goal of every business, and understandably so. Nowadays, customers demand value and satisfaction over anything, thus making CX pivotal in the modern market.
But with the market inundated with numerous channels and services, the practice of improving customer experience becomes all the more difficult. Focusing on one aspect of the market is sure to decrease your reach somewhere else. This is where the marvel of modern marketing starts to shine.
Cross-channel customer experience has emerged as the one-stop solution for every customer-centric need of a businesses. It can be defined as the business’s capability to interact with a customer across different touchpoints via multiple channels.
In simple words, it works like a relay race, where the touchpoints are runners offering to pass the stick to offer seamless transitions. This takes place between channels signifying tracks until the race of customer satisfaction is finished.
Although the idea of implementing cross-channel customer experience seems like a popular idea, many organizations fail to implement it successfully. That is why the web is filled with questions like how to implement cross-channel customer experience or the best way to implement cross-channel customer experience.
If you are wondering about doing the same, then we will help you out. Here is everything you need to know about cross-channel customer experience in 2020,

Cross-Channel CX vs. Omnichannel CS: What is the Difference?

To better understand the difference between cross-channel customer experience and omnichannel customer experience, we will look at a particular situation. Watch how the same setup works out in two different scenarios.

What is Cross-Channel Customer Experience?

The Best Guide To Cross-Channel Customer Experience Strategy
Let us assume that Robert is a customer looking to buy a new computer. He starts browsing the like any other buyer but leaves the purchase halfway through. The very next day, Robert receives a customized email containing a link to buy premium computers with a discount.
When he opens the link, he promptly finds a viable deal, and he completes the order. This is followed by another email accompanying a survey regarding his online customer experience. The email also carries a discount coupon redeemable in both offline and online stores.
The transaction was made possible only because his behavior was noted on a websitend then shared via different channels. So, this is how a cross-channel customer experience works,
Cross-Channel CX = Multiple Connected Channels

What is Omnichannel Customer Experience?

Now continuing the example, Robert intends to buy some accessories for his laptop, so he revisits the site. Now he is greeted with perfect recommendations to choose from.
After adding the accessories to the cart, the discount coupon is automatically redeemed.
After all this, Robert is recommended visiting his nearby offline store to receive physical customer support. This is how omnichannel customer experience can be defined.
Omnichannel CX = Multiple Interconnected Channels
The Best Guide To Cross-Channel Customer Experience Strategy

Top 5 Strategies to become a Pro in Using Cross-Channel Customer Experience

Here are the best cross-channel CX strategies to use it optimally,
The Best Guide To Cross-Channel Customer Experience Strategy
Keep the Channels to Efficient Numbers
You can utilize numerous channels like a business site, apps, emails, newsletters, or social media to interact with customers. However, you should know that not every single one of them would be profitable for your cause.
Investing in every channel would only eat up your resources while also denting your ROI. Therefore, you need to analyze your proceedings to find out the ideal customer experience channel for your business.
Unified Design Pattern
If you wish to establish a distinct brand image, then you actually need to showcase your business in a different light. For that to happen, you need to associate a sense of distinctness within your brand image. Moreover, the distinctness needs to be accompanied with consistency throughout the virtual circle.
Your brand logo, content, fonts, images, and even layouts need to ooze your brand name for your business to be recognized in the crowd. If you can do, then great. If not, then do not worry as you can hire top-notch developers and designers for that.
Prioritize Growth
You need to prioritize the skills of your team for establishing a functional cross-channel CX. Focus on their communication and collaboration skills, as these attributes will be tested the most.
Moreover, you need to emphasize on their video production, social media proficiency, data analytics, and content marketing.
Utilize Analytics
Data alone can solve a number of your issues while providing you a keen idea of where your firm is lacking. Try to gather as much information about your market as possible, and capitalize on it.
The Best Guide To Cross-Channel Customer Experience Strategy
The same can be done by facilitating Digital Experience Platform/DXP or Customer Relation Management/CRM. In case you do not want to invest resources in that, you can get reliable help from the experts.
Try Mapping the Customer’s Journey
How did your customer reach you? What channels did he utilize? What is the most profitable channel? You need to know everything about your customer’s journey. From the apps, he visited the websites he browsed so that he ended on your platform.
The task is not easy, but it is certainly worth it. When you know the most profitable channel for your business, you can further capitalize on it to increase your revenue.


Customer experience has emerged as one of the most vital factors for an organization’s success in recent years. And since there are multiple ways available to capitalize on the factor, a firm is bound to be confused. Therefore, utilizing cross-channel CX emerges as the most genuine idea.
The blog has shed some light on the topic and how to use it. After giving it a read, you will be able to know how to implement a cross-channel customer experience in your firm.