The One Minute AI #9 - Bing Custom Search

What is Bing Custom search?

Bing Web Search allows you to search over the entire internet; however, Bing Custom Search allows you to restrict the areas of the web you want to search in, so users only see relevant results from the domains and websites you choose. Bing Custom Search also allows you to control the ranking when searching over your targeted web areas. Bing search has dramitically improved since the integraiton of GPT LLM technology from OPenAI. You can read more about that integration on the Microsoft blog post 'reinventing search'.

How does it work?

Bing Custom Search
Bing Custom Search works in three steps which are,
  • Identify on-topic sites and images
  • Provide automatic query suggestions
  • Apply the Bing ranker
  • Deliver relevant search results
You can adjust the parameters at any time, as well as specify which areas of the web to search in. You can also consider site suggestions in order to expand the scope of your search domain and even pin particular websites to the top which will ensure more relevant search results for your area of interest. You can also promote or filter results in order to reach the outcomes you want. The UI is easy to use, enabling a fast and easy set up of your own web search engine and the results are displayed without any ads.
With Bing Custom Search you can use Bing’s operating search backend to quickly and easily build a search that fits your organisation’s specific needs without having to do any coding.
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