The "One Minute AI" Series - Part 1

Series introduction

Welcome to a new series of short articles I am presenting about Artificial Intelligence, specifically in the Azure AI stack. The objective is that you will learn about an Azure-based AI service in no more than one minute and thus, quickly get familiar with the entire stack over a short period of time. These are going short, easily digestible articles; so let's get started!

The One Minute AI  – Content Moderator

What is Content Moderator?
The Azure Content Moderator API is a cognitive service that can check video, text and image content to find potentially offensive or undesirable material. The service applies labels or flags to the content that it finds, which enables your app to handle the flagged content as you see fit, or according to regulations.
The following table describes the different types of moderation APIs.
The "One Minute AI" Series
What is Content Moderator used for?
There are a number of different scenarios in which you might use Content Moderator, including moderating
  • user-generated chatrooms
  • videos, texts, and images added by users
  • and filtering inappropriate content in an educational context.
Content Moderator also allows human reviewers to improve or fine-tune its moderation functions. The Review tool hosts the content reviews for human moderators to process and includes a user-friendly front end for a variety of Content Moderator resources.

Review Tool

The "One Minute AI" Series
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