Top 10 Crypto Market Makers in 2024

What is marketing making in Crypto?

In the cryptocurrency world, market-making is crucial in ensuring the smooth and efficient trading of a new cryptocurrency, token, or coin. A market maker is a firm or individual who acts as a middleman between buyers and sellers in a cryptocurrency exchange.

Top 10 Market makers

Who is a market maker?

A market maker is a firm or individual who acts as an intermediary between buyers and sellers in a particular market. They achieve this by:

  • Continuously quoting bid and ask prices: They quote a bid price (the price they are willing to buy an asset for) and an asking price (the price they are willing to sell the asset for). This creates a spread, the difference between the buy and sell price, representing their profit potential.
  • Maintaining order flow: Market makers create liquidity by constantly having buy and sell orders on the table. This means there are always interested parties on both sides of the trade, allowing transactions to happen smoothly and efficiently.

Market makers play a crucial role in various markets, including:

  • Stock exchanges: They help ensure smooth trading by providing liquidity for stocks and reducing volatility.
  • Foreign exchange markets facilitate currency exchange by quoting prices for different currencies.
  • Over-the-counter (OTC) markets connect buyers and sellers for assets not traded on exchanges.

Here are some additional points to consider about market makers:

  • Profitability: Market makers typically profit from the bid-ask spread. They earn the difference between the price they buy an asset for and the price they sell it for.
  • Algorithmic Trading: Many market makers utilize sophisticated algorithms to automate order placement and management, allowing quicker reactions to market fluctuations and efficient liquidity maintenance.
  • Market Making Strategies: Different market makers may have varying strategies. Some focus on major cryptocurrencies, while others specialize in lesser-known tokens or derivatives markets.
  • Regulation: The crypto market maker landscape is evolving, and regulations might vary depending on the jurisdiction.

Why does a project need a market maker?

A cryptocurrency project can benefit significantly from partnering with a market maker for several reasons:

Increased Liquidity and Trading Activity

  • Reduced Spreads: Market makers continuously place buy and sell orders, tightening the bid-ask spread. This makes it more attractive for traders to participate in the market, as the difference between buying and selling prices is smaller.
  • Easier Entry and Exit: With readily available buy and sell orders, traders can enter and exit positions more quickly, encouraging more trading activity for the project's token.
  • Improved Order Book Depth: Market makers create a deeper order book by placing orders at various price points. This depth instills confidence in traders, as it suggests there are interested parties on both sides at different price levels.

Price Stability and Management

  • Reduced Volatility: Market makers can help dampen sudden price swings caused by large trades or low liquidity by strategically placing buy and sell orders. This fosters a more stable trading environment for the project's token.
  • Price Discovery: Market makers analyze market trends and adjust orders accordingly. This activity contributes to the process of discovering a fair market value for the project's token based on real supply and demand.

Enhanced Project Visibility and Credibility

  • Attract New Investors: A liquid and stable market with healthy trading activity can attract new investors who are more confident in the project's potential due to its established presence in the market.
  • Signal of Confidence: Partnering with a reputable market maker can be seen as a positive signal by potential investors, indicating that the project is taking steps to ensure a healthy and functioning market for its token.

Here's a list of 10 prominent crypto market makers in 2024, not in any particular order. Please do your own research before hiring a market maker. 

1. Cumberland (DRW)

Cumberland (DRW) is a well-established player in the crypto market making landscape. Here's a detailed look at their role and offerings:


Founded in 2014, Cumberland is a subsidiary of DRW, a major financial services company with a strong presence in traditional markets. This heritage gives Cumberland a unique advantage in leveraging established financial expertise within the crypto space. They are considered a leading market maker for institutional clients, providing deep liquidity for major cryptocurrencies.


  • Spot Liquidity: Cumberland offers deep liquidity for various cryptocurrencies on major cryptocurrency exchanges. This allows institutional investors to enter and exit positions efficiently without significantly affecting market prices.
  • Listed Options and Futures: Cumberland provides block trading and other services for listed options and futures contracts on derivatives exchanges. This caters to institutions seeking exposure to the crypto market through derivatives products.
  • Bilateral Crypto Options: They act as a counterparty for bilateral crypto option contracts, offering customized options strategies to institutional clients for managing risk or speculating on price movements.
  • Non-Deliverable Forwards (NDFs): Cumberland facilitates bilateral trading of NDFs, which are derivative contracts where the underlying asset (cryptocurrency) isn't physically delivered upon expiry. They can be used for speculation or hedging purposes.

Focus on Institutional Clients:

Cumberland primarily caters to institutional clients such as hedge funds, asset managers, and proprietary trading firms. They offer services tailored to the specific needs of these sophisticated market participants. Their focus on institutional clients aligns with DRW's broader expertise in traditional finance, allowing them to bridge the gap between traditional and digital asset markets.

Website: provides a comprehensive overview of their services, team, and market insights.

Why Cumberland Stands Out:

  • Institutional Focus: Their specialization in catering to institutional clients sets them apart. They understand the needs of sophisticated market participants and offer tailored solutions.
  • DRW Heritage: Cumberland leverages DRW's experience in traditional finance, providing a level of expertise and stability valued by institutional investors.
  • Depth and Breadth: They offer a range of services, including spot liquidity, derivatives, and structured products, catering to diverse institutional needs.

2. Jump Trading

History: Established in 1999, Jump Trading is a major player in both traditional and digital asset markets. It is known for its advanced trading algorithms and quantitative strategies.



  • Algorithmic market making across various cryptocurrencies.
  • High-frequency trading strategies for digital assets.
  • Liquidity solutions for institutional clients.

3. GSR Markets

Founded in 2018, GSR Markets is a crypto-native market maker specializing in algorithmic trading and liquidity solutions for digital assets. GSR Markets has carved a niche as a prominent crypto-native market maker, actively involved in various aspects of the digital asset ecosystem. Here's a breakdown of their services and what sets them apart:

Core Services:

  • Algorithmic Market Making: GSR utilizes sophisticated algorithms to provide deep liquidity for various cryptocurrencies across multiple exchanges. This helps maintain smooth trading activity and efficient price discovery.
  • OTC Trading (Over-the-Counter): They offer OTC trading services for institutional clients, facilitating large cryptocurrency transactions without impacting market prices significantly.
  • Derivatives Market Making: GSR provides liquidity for derivatives contracts like options and futures on cryptocurrency derivatives exchanges. This caters to institutions seeking exposure to the crypto market through derivatives products.

Beyond Market Making:

  • Active Investor: GSR is an active investor in the blockchain and Web3 space. They invest in promising projects, exchanges, and service providers, contributing to the overall growth of the crypto ecosystem.
  • Global Network: GSR operates with a global presence, working with various market participants across different regions. This allows them to cater to diverse needs and adapt to evolving market conditions.

Focus on Crypto-Native Strategies:

GSR is a crypto-native firm. This means it has a deep understanding of the crypto market's unique dynamics and tailors its strategies accordingly.
Their focus on algorithmic trading and active participation in the broader crypto space (investments, partnerships) position them as well-rounded players in the market maker landscape.

Website: provides comprehensive details about their services, team, and investment philosophy.

Why GSR Stands Out:

  • Crypto-Native Expertise: Their deep understanding of the crypto market allows them to develop market making strategies that cater to the specific needs of digital assets.
  • Global Presence: GSR operates internationally, providing liquidity and services to a diverse client base.
  • Investment Strategy: Their active investment approach fosters innovation and growth within the broader crypto ecosystem.

4. Kairon Labs

Founded in 2018, Kairon Labs focuses on providing automated liquidity solutions for digital assets, aiming for efficiency and profitability. Kairon Labs operates in the crypto market making space, focusing on providing automated liquidity solutions for cryptocurrency exchanges. Here's a closer look at their services and what makes them distinct:

Core Services:

  • Algorithmic Liquidity Provision: Kairon Labs utilizes automated trading algorithms to provide liquidity for various cryptocurrencies on multiple exchanges. This helps maintain a healthy order book and facilitates efficient trading for other market participants.
  • Focus on Efficiency: They emphasize efficiency in their approach, aiming to optimize liquidity provision while minimizing slippage (the difference between the expected price and the actual price achieved) for traders.
  • Work with Innovative Projects: Kairon Labs highlights its focus on collaborating with innovative blockchain projects, suggesting a willingness to support promising ventures within the crypto space.
  • Consulting and Advisory Services: Their website mentions "bespoke solutions" which could potentially include consulting or advisory services for cryptocurrency projects or exchanges.

Focus on Technological Solutions:

  • Kairon Labs appears to prioritize technological solutions for market making. Their emphasis on automation and efficiency suggests a reliance on sophisticated algorithms and trading infrastructure.
  • This approach might be particularly appealing to cryptocurrency exchanges seeking streamlined liquidity solutions.

Targeting a Specific Niche:

Compared to broader market makers like Cumberland (DRW) or GSR Markets, Kairon Labs seems to target a specific niche within the crypto market maker landscape.
Their focus on providing algorithmic liquidity solutions for exchanges might make them a good fit for projects or exchanges seeking efficient and automated market making services.

5. Wintermute Trading

History: Founded in 2017, Wintermute Trading is a global algorithmic trading firm offering market making services and liquidity solutions for  cryptocurrencies. Wintermute Trading has established itself as a prominent player in the crypto market making landscape.



  • Algorithmic Market Making: Wintermute utilizes sophisticated algorithms to provide liquidity for various cryptocurrencies across multiple cryptocurrency exchanges. This helps maintain a healthy order book and facilitates smoother trading for other market participants.
  • OTC (Over-the-Counter) Trading and Block Trades: Wintermute caters to institutional clients by offering OTC trading services for large cryptocurrency transactions. This allows institutions to buy or sell significant amounts of crypto without significantly impacting market prices.
  • Structured Products and DeFi Yield Strategies: Wintermute offers structured products, which are investment vehicles combining traditional and crypto assets. They might also integrate DeFi (decentralized finance) strategies into their offerings, potentially including yield generation through DeFi protocols.
  • Crypto Custody and Prime Brokerage Services: (Information availability on these services might be limited) Some market makers might offer crypto custody solutions for safekeeping digital assets and prime brokerage services for institutional clients.

Why Wintermute Stands Out

  • Global Presence: Wintermute operates as a global algorithmic trading firm, potentially offering services across various geographical regions.
  • Comprehensiveness: Their service offerings span traditional market making, OTC trading, structured products, and potentially even DeFi integration.
  • Established Reputation: Wintermute has carved a niche in the crypto market maker space and is recognized as a significant player.

6. Virtu Financial

History: Founded in 2008, Virtu Financial is a major electronic trading firm expanding into the crypto market, leveraging its experience in traditional finance.


Services: Specific details on crypto market making services

7. Acheron Trading

Founded in 2018, Acheron Trading provides deep liquidity for emerging and less-liquid cryptocurrencies. Acheron Trading operates in the crypto market making space, specializing in providing liquidity for less-established and emerging cryptocurrencies. Here's a breakdown of their services and what makes them stand out:

Focus on Emerging Markets:

Unlike major market makers catering primarily to major cryptocurrencies, Acheron focuses on providing deep liquidity for nascent and less liquid digital assets.
This helps these emerging projects and tokens gain traction by facilitating smoother trading and potentially attracting new investors.

  • Market Research and Consulting: Acheron offers research and consulting services for new blockchain projects. This could encompass market analysis, tokenomics design, and potential strategies for navigating the market maker landscape.
  • Transparency and Client Education: Their emphasis on transparency and client education suggests a collaborative approach, aiming to empower projects they work with.

Standing Out from the Crowd:

  • Niche Expertise: Acheron's focus on emerging markets positions them as a valuable partner for projects in their early stages, addressing a specific need within the crypto market maker landscape.
  • Consulting and Education: Their additional services, beyond market making, provide holistic support for new ventures in the crypto space.

8. Jane Street

History: Founded in 1999, Jane Street is a prominent electronic trading firm known for its high-frequency trading expertise. They have recently expanded into the crypto market.


Services: Specific details about crypto market making services are not available publicly. However, considering their overall trading experience, they likely offer:

  • High-frequency market making for major cryptocurrencies.
  • Advanced order book management and execution algorithms.
  • Market research and analysis for digital assets.


Market making is one of the basic needs of any new crypto project to maintain the volume and the liquidity in exchanges. This article taught us about some of the top market makers in 2024. There are many other market makers that are popping up but do not provide clear information on their websites. Check out Vortex, CLS, NinjaPromo, Alphatheta, Bluesky Capital, Gotbit, Amber Group, and Pulsar Trading Cap.

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