Top 11 Capabilities of Microsoft Dynamics 365 to Boost Marketing Strategies


Whatever the size of our company, we want to be recognized in our business environment. We would like to position our brand, products, and services in the market in a way that allows us to generate interest in potential customers and detect new sales opportunities.

Using marketing strategies, we can direct our messages to the market segment for a higher probability of capturing attention on our products/services. This can be through different activities such as the publication of specific web content, advertising email campaigns or offers for a segment of the specific market, online presence events, etc.

The execution of Inbound Marketing actions can be costly in terms of time of dedication, not only because of its execution but because of the subsequent measurement of results and the monitoring of market interest in our campaigns.

Top 11 Capabilities of Microsoft Dynamics 365 to Boost Marketing Strategies

Forms, Landing Pages and Surveys

Collects data from our market and business environment that allows us to measure the satisfaction of our customers, conduct market studies, make web records to capture information from potential customers, draw interest to certain content, products, or services, update key contact information, etc.

Lead Scoring

Being able to automatically quantify the value of potential interest based on behavior with respect to other activities we have carried out.

Web Tracking

Automatically tracks web visitors through cookies, obtaining information from whom or where our content is accessed. Therefore if there is any interest, it will allow us to launch other types of actions or simply measure the quality of our web content.

Email Marketing

Not only the shipment itself but also being able to measure effectiveness. This includes both as part of the market survey and as an aid to the sales force through the generation of cross-selling campaigns (i.e. no openings, total clicks both in general and for each of the links in the email, subscription list management, etc.)

Marketing Automation

Definition of different actions that will be executed automatically depending on the behavior of the campaign's recipients. Having a marketing automation tool will not only save us time, but will allow us to be more effective, succeed more, adapt to the sensibilities of our market, meet our buyers, differentiate them by categories, and typologies, and have real feedback on the success of our campaigns.

Unified Bet

Dynamics 365 is the unified bet of Microsoft, designed to boost businesses with no size limit. It unifies all the CRM and ERP functionalities, eliminating the technological barriers that usually separate the different departments.

Management Control

Helps marketing know how your campaigns and events work through the web and other digital channels. This is a key tool if the intent is to have efficient management and control of the leads generated and be able to transfer them easily to a commercial's success.

Single Call Management

For Customer Service and After-Sales, all operations and activities can be registered so that they always have the history on hand to offer the best service in a single call.

High Degree Of Automation

All this is accompanied by a high degree of automation, integration, and customization, which allows the more tedious and mechanical processes to be carried out without the need to devote more resources. Meanwhile, the tool will adapt to business-specific needs.

Modern Application

Consists of intelligent and modern cloud applications that help you boost your business. Where Sales, Service, and Marketing stand out in the CRM (Customer Relationship Management) field, they will be able to extend their use and integrate data within Finance and Operations and Talent.

Well-Managed Work

Commercial management may be aware of the effect of different commercials on clients. Furthermore, they will have an important management tool to develop their daily work, without losing any information.

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