Unleash your Creativity with Azure OpenAI DALL-E 3


This article will help you learn how to unleash your creativity and innovation using DALL-E 3 in the Azure OpenAI Studio. You will be able to implement the Python code using DALL-E 3 application development with a proper safety-first approach.

What is DALL-E 3?

DALL-E 3 is a neural network that translates natural language prompts into breathtaking visual creations.DALL-E 3 represents a cutting-edge image generation model where entering a text prompt yields a fresh image as the result. Picture conveying an idea, a setting, or an emotion, and watching it come to life as a mesmerizing image. That's the enchantment of DALL-E 3.

Features of DALL-E 3

Safety first approach

  • DALL-E 3 refrains from generating content depicting violence, adult themes, or hate speech.
  • It also abstains from fulfilling requests that specify public figures by name.
  • We are actively investigating methods to distinguish AI-generated images to maintain transparency in their usage.

Control over creativity

  • OpenAI has crafted DALL-E 3 to reject requests for images resembling those of living artists, fostering creativity and upholding intellectual property rights.
  • Moreover, creators have the option to exclude their images from training future image generation models, granting them control over the utilization of their creations.

DALL-E 3 Deployment using Azure OpenAI Studio

Step 1. Go to the Azure portal and sign in with your Azure account.

Step 2. Search Azure OpenAI service in the search bar.

Azure API

Step 3. Click the Create Azure OpenAI button.

Create Azure open AI

Step 4. First, provide an Azure subscription.

Step 5. Create a new resource group named testRG.

Step 6. Choose the Azure region as East US and provide a Name as techretailitimg.

Step 7. Select the pricing tier as Standard S0.

Pricing tier

Step 8. Click the Next button.

Step 9. You will get a message as Validation passed on the screen and click the Create button.

Click create button

Step 10. The deployment started initialized in a minute or two it will become successful.

Deployment started initialized

Step 11. Click the Go to Resource button.

Go to resource button

Step12. Azure OpenAI studio appeared on the screen, and click Deployments option in the Management section.

Click deployment option

Step 13. Click Create Deployment in the Deployments section.

Click create deployment

Step 14. Sample deployment was created successfully in the Deployment window.

Sample deployment created successfully

Step 15. In the DALL E Playground start typing the Prompt in the Prompt section and then click Generate button.

Click generate

Step 16. The image was generated successfully in the DALL E playground.

Image was generated

Step 17. You can explore other options like clicking the Regenerate button in the playground.

Click regenerate buton

Step 18. If you want to use the code in the application development click the Show code option in the playground.

Click show code option


In this article, we learned and created DALL-E 3 deployment successfully with different options like Generate, Regenerate, and show code capabilities.DALL-E 3, the newest marvel in AI, transcends being solely an image model, it beckons you to unleash your creativity. Its outstanding capabilities and ethical AI practices have broadened horizons and unlocked new possibilities.

Happy Learning and Coding!!!

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