Visual Studio 2022 - Do you need an upgrade

Welcome back guys let’s discuss all about Visual Studio (VS) 2022, its features, benefits, and if you should be upgrading to the latest version. As we all know, Microsoft has released the latest version of VS 2022 and this has made the rounds in the news. This is definitely amazing news for all of us.

Visual Studio 2022 has come up with some very cool changes and is a popular IDE; however, because of an overhaul maybe it was time for some tweaking, especially if you look at the changes happening within the developer’s environment that allows it to thrive.

I have surveyed around and realized that developers, no matter what their experience levels are, they have favorable views about Visual Studio 2019. Every IDE can definitely use some improvements. However, the big question still remains is Visual Studio 2022 way better? Should we upgrade and adapt to this latest addition?


VS 2019 and VS code have been known to be extremely user- friendly especially for beginners; however, they have also been praised by experienced and advanced programmers.

For instance, when we look at the integration with Git/GitHub, Assure, and even the latest additions to the platform like Xamarin and Live Share, allowing simple storage on the cloud, cross-platform development, and real-time collaboration.

Visual 2019 and Visual Studio code are extremely good; however, VS 2022 has brought numerous improvements that seemed very tempting.

An important improvement in Visual Studio 2022

A major improvement that I noticed, and it was a recurring hassle with Visual Studio 2019, is the increased use of memory.

If you are a developer and you work on applications that are complex and require increased computing power, VS 2022 is extremely beneficial. It is typically a concern for developers that work on large and enterprise projects.

Additional improvements in the Visual Studio 2022

Visual Studio 2022 seems very promising as it has plenty of improvements. If you want to learn more about the improvement’s keep reading.

Code Completion Function

Visual Studio 2022 has an Intellicode that fills in entire lines of various codes by utilizing an enhanced understanding of the coding context.

In the latest preview mode, the feature will only work with C#; however, Microsoft will add more languages as soon as they get close to the release date.

Enhanced programming interface

Yes, 2022 provides a coding environment that has an intuitive and user-friendly interface. They have included numerous options that allow you to customize the feel and look of the IDE. It also allows the user to deploy the document management system which is convenient for them.

Debugging capabilities are more powerful

The debugger feature is extremely intuitive and efficiently decompiles. Easy to read with flame charts and contingent breakpoints that help programmers to detect the problems that are occurring along with the code either remotely or locally.

Better accessibility

VS 2019 adds numerous features that contributed to improving the overall accessibilities, however VS 2022 adds to these accessibility features.

Users no longer need to rely on add-ons or plugins, they can now make amends to the interface, improving organization and visibility allowing them to work better along with extensions that are approved. All thanks to Microsoft that makes these products accessible.

Enhanced Windows application development

You can now utilize Hot Reload, which was initially introduced with VS 2019. While your apps are running, this can be used to update all the apps built-in C++ or. NET. As developers, we can only imagine or probably even lived through a situation where this has come in extremely handy!

You will also come across enhancements to the Git integration, for instance, you will be able to work with numerous repositories of the IDE from a single local installation.

Developers that are constructing containerized apps may have further capabilities that will help to orchestrate or work on projects by utilizing Service Fabric, Docker, and Kubernetes. The documentation does not specify details about what entails; however, there is some work underway that will help to enhance diagnostics and improve the app building experience.

C++ build has enhanced support

Visual Studio 2022 offers the entire suite of various tools, especially for C++. This is a language that Windows are written in. So, all you Windows developers will definitely find this a great inclusion.

The Visual Studio 2022 review notes have 9 enhancements for this writing. It should definitely make C++ programming much easier within the IDE's latest release with enhanced intellisense functionalities, analysis abilities, and powerful debugging.

Is it the right time to upgrade to Visual Studio 2022?

In my opinion Yes... but you are the best person to answer this question because it totally depends on the way you are currently utilizing Visual Studio.

A major bummer is that the preview of Visual Studio 2022 does not have a license for production usage as we speak.

If you are primarily working with applications that are containerized, then I suggest that you wait till though additional improvements that they promised are all in place.

If you are a solo developer then I'm sure you will benefit from all the enhancements that they have offered, no matter what your skill level is. You should familiarize yourself with VS 2022 and get to learn more about the improved and new functionalities prior to their official release.

If you have already decided to upgrade, then let me tell you there are various options for you to go about it. One of the simplest ways is installing VS 2022 along with the present build VS 2019. Suppose you're not in favor of installing it on the machine, then you could also give this cloud-based version a try. I'm sure some of you already have a certain amount of experience in utilizing the MS VS online. Some of you could also choose to work with VS 2022 from a command line.

So that's all for this article guys. I do hope that you have received more clarity on the enhanced features and benefits that Visual Studio 2022 has to offer. Do let me know how you have decided to go about it, and your user experience as well. Hope to see you in my next article until then take care and stay safe!

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