⏲️ Visual Time Spent - Time Tracking Extension For Coding In Visual Studio


These days  everyone wants to know how much time we spend on each task and also what task took the most time in developing and building the applications and products using Visual Studio. It also saves time that we are working on our projects.
We have many tools in the market which help us to get the result. Here is the extension which helps us in tracking all of this.
What is the extension? It's Visual Time Spent.
Let's go deep into this..!
What is Visual Time Spent?
Visual Time Spent automatically tracks your time spent working on any project, solution & documents which we are developing using Visual Studio; and yes, we can generate the reports to see overall time spent and what activities took time.

Which version of Visual Studio does it support?

Visual Studio 2015,2017,2019
Step 1
Here is the link for Download -> Visual Time Spent
It's a free extension for downloading,  also for usage as well.
Download the Visual Time Spent and install it in your own machine (PC, Laptop).
Step 2
Open any project in Visual Studio. To show you I opened two projects simultaneously to track the time.
It also tracks our previous projects which we have already worked on or are currently working on, and it automatically tracks when you open any project and do anything in Visual Studio.
Step 3
Type in Visual Time Spent -> search in Windows to access that.
After opening that we will get a tree view with hours displayed on all our projects and we will also get how much time we spent on each file on each module where you can click on + to get the inner details.
Here is the overview of the Visual Time spent.
We have filter options between a particular period to get the report when we select the range between dates and click on the Update report
Also, we are curious about how to get all this stuff in any local file and here it comes also with an awesome option called Export to Excel where we can have all these report data in our own Excel.
Just hover the first label in the top right corner and it shows an option called Export to CSV. Click on that and it saves with .csv format.
Example - Sample.csv


We learned about Visual Time Spent usage and how it it helps in tracking the time spent in the coding part for each section in a single project or multiple projects.
I hope this article helps you.
Keep learning....!