Voyager An Admin Panel For Your Laravel Application

In today's article, I would like to share a pre-build admin panel for your Laravel application. So before going to make any delay, let's start.

When you are creating an application in Laravel then there are many chances for which need an admin panel. So here is a free and open-source admin panel, whose name is Voyager.

What is Voyager?

Voyager is a free and open-source admin panel for the Laravel application. It will take care of your administrative tasks and database tables.

Here are some features of Voyager,

  • Voyager has BREAD(Browse, Read, Edit, Add and Delete) functionality. So you can easily do BREAD operation on your post, pages, or any other tables in your database.
  • Voyager has a menu builder feature. So you can easily create the menu for your site and you can use it anywhere on your site.
  • Voyager has database manager support. So it will give you the facility to create a new table in your database and you can modify the existing table as per your need.
  • Voyager has a setting section. So you can create your custom settings and you can use those settings on your site anywhere.
  • Voyager has a Role and Permission section where you can give certain roles to the specific user and you can modify that roles later also.

Voyager has many features, I just listed above some more important features. 

How to install Voyager?

Before going to the Voyager installation into your Laravel application, make sure you are using Laravel 6/ Laravel 7 / Laravel 8 and PHP 7.3 or newer.

Installation of Voyager admin panel is very easy, you can install it through composer.

To install Voyager without dummy data simply run

php artisan voyager:install

If you prefer installing it with the dummy data run the following command:

php artisan voyager:install --with-dummy

After successful installation, serve your application with the following command:

php artisan serve

After that type the below URL in your browser:


If you installed Voyager with dummy data then here are the login credentials:

password: password

Now the installation process is done.


If you are creating your application in Laravel and you need an admin panel then It's better to use Voyager because it will save your time, it is free of cost, and It has many pre-build features.

I hope this article is useful to you.